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permanent makeup Anonymous 7391

What's your thoughts on it?

I love it. I just woke up and looked at myself and I'm so glad that I've got my lashes done, tomorrow I'm going to do my lips tattoed and I'm considering doing permanent eyeliner. Yesterday I went to work like a champ without putting any makeup on and still looked decent because of my lashes and microbladed brows.

This helps so much because I'm really awfull at makeup.

Anonymous 7395

I don't know, I mean maybe if you look really shit without makeup.

Anonymous 7396

I don't like it at all.. it just feels like you lose all your naturality. You're on makeup all the time. I wouldn't be able to stand it

Anonymous 7398

I think eyebrow and eyelash tinting is great if you're someone who will only fill them in and wear mascara each day anyway. but I don't know about permanent eyeliner or tatooed lips?? I feel like dying hair is one thing but tattooing seems more extreme to me. I wouldn't go that far.

but, it's up to the individual and if its what you really want and it'll make you happy then go for it!

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