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PCOS Talk - and other endocrino problems Anonymous 75

PCOS affects about 10% of women, so if there is 100 people using this board, there is a high chance that there is at least 10 of us here.

Let's talk about symptons, weight, acne, hair, medication and natural alternatives. Also let's vent about our struggles and insecurities.

Anonymous 76

I'll start.

I just dyed my hair because I couldn't bear the mud color it had for about a year now. I didn't use a very abrasive dye, it was an all-natural type of stuff. Still, my hair fell like crazy. It's been falling like crazy, actually. I've lost half of it, already. I feel like Kootex lmao It's making me depressed.

But on a side happy note, I think my medication is starting to slowly making me lose weight. So hooray, I guess

Anonymous 77

How can I remove my hairy hairy goatee without breaking out? I use a scrub and disinfect and everything and still I break out

Anonymous 78


Sorry anon, I can barely do anything without breaking out lmao so I don't really know.

Have you tried laser hair removal, tho? It worked for me. Now I have a normal amount of arm hair. I'm going to laser remove my facial hairs as well soon enough.

Anonymous 79

Yo, I don't have PCOS (sorry for shitting up the thread) but I do have a few little black hairs on my jaw and one on my chin and when I was younger I tried shaving them and I broke out like full pizza face. Now I epilate the peachfuzz and the black hairs which stings bad but works way better and for longer. I used to use like, anti-bacterial aftershave but now I've got one of those fancy korean skincare regimens so I only use PH balanced things and NEVER soap. I think if anyone has ANY hormonal issues it's super important to use ph balanced skincare to keep the moisture barrier strong and bacteria at bay. Using a ph balancing toner works awesome as a kind of disinfectant and doesn't break me out even though I've got pretty reactive skin. You might want to try it. (Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner)

Anonymous 2869

giphy (9).gif

Just recently learned that my PCOS is the auto immune/inflammatory type. My TSH levels are a bit higher than normal and I've been losing hair nonstop for more than a year now. People around me that usually would go like "Nah, you have a lot of hair, it's normal to lose some" are finally noticing that I am not "losing some hair", I am going fucking bald. I don't know what to do anymore to fix this and I tried many things, and went to many doctors. I just want my hair back.

Anonymous 2888


What is it made of? Not and amerifag so can't get the exact same one. I do take Pill Food, tho, and not working at all, so far.
My skin did get a bit better after I started doing Intermitent Fasting, though.

Anonymous 2889

I don't have it, but I thought this would help.


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