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Anonymous 7544

How do you carry pads/tampons to the restroom at work? I try to wear clothes with pockets (unfortunately hard to find when it comes to business casual attire) to carry them in my pockets. If not, I use a makeup bag like pic related, but I wonder if I should be more discreet about it. Because I don’t wear makeup, it gets really obvious in my small office what’s in the bag when I carry it the same time every month. What do you all do?

Anonymous 7547

I use a menstral cup that I insert before my period starts. You can time this to when you are not at work.

Anonymous 7549

I just take my purse into the bathroom. Do you not bring any bag to work?
Also - nobody will care about you being on your period. Nobody will notice you taking something into the bathroom once a month on a schedule. And if they do, the only thought they'll process is "Oh, Anon's on her period I guess". Then they'll never think about it again.

Anonymous 7552


I have a massive fucking bag that I use for my job and I just stick a few pads in there and bring it with me into the bathroom. Typically I just use a very thick pad as I can't always use the bathroom while working depending on my schedule.


>feels like a tranny thread
I get the vibe too. Can't quite put my finger on it though…

Anonymous 7553

I'm almost 30 and I've only ever been asked once for a tampon. I don't bother carrying any. What's with woman larpers fetishizing this?

Anonymous 7556


OP here. I’m biologically/born female/cis/whatever you want to call it. Kind of sad that my thought patterns and concerns are so weird that I come off as a tranny though. Guess I just care too much about what people think. It’s definitely an issue I’m trying to work on, but it can be hard to grow past your insecurities sometimes.

Anonymous 7557

why do you want to hide it? Is it because there are so many men at your workplace and you feel ashamed? if not, why not breaking the boring menstruation taboo?

Anonymous 7558


Mostly women at my workplace, but there are a few men who sit close to me. People at my office like to gossip, so I try not to rock the boat/do anything differently from other people.

Anonymous 7559

OP, you asked what would have been a notmal question 20 years ago. You're not weird. Unfortunately trans women have latched onto periods as something sacred and often ask questions like this.

Anonymous 7560


Anonymous 7563

When I worked in an office, I was constantly asked for tampons or pads or even just panty liners. When I switched to a menstrual cup, I kept a handful of tampons in my purse for that reason lol.

Anonymous 7564

I have a huge ass bag, so i usually just throw my pads in there and bring it with me wherever. When i cant bring my bag though I make sure i put on a bigger pad so it doesnt overflow, otherwise i just hide it somewhere on my clothes or just grab it on my hands anyway.

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