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Hair stuff Anonymous 7662

I have grown my hair for years but I don't seem to be able to do anything with it. Even a basic braid goes awry and my arms get tired holding the hair in the back of my head. I can't count how many times I enthusiastically tried to reproduce Youtube tutorials and ended up really sad, wondering why I bothered growing it if I can't even take advantage of its length and thickness.

How to not suck at doing my hair? How do you do yours? God I wish I knew how to make a French braid.

Anonymous 7667

I know it isn't really helpful, but I only can do the simplest braided ponytail and if I have to remake it too often, my arms are getting tired too.
I have longer hair, so I can do a bun without a hair tie.
How long is your hair? I could send you the link, it is super easy.

And that is mostly all I can do with my hair.
I would love to make some viking hairstyles. But my arms getting tired too and if I try it often looks ugly.

But I have something positive for you, at the beginning I couldn't even do the braided ponytail. You have to try and try and try. Practice is the key, I know no one want to hear that. Sadly it is the true, try it often, you will get better at it.

Anonymous 7672

I would say my hair is nearly halfway down my back, like 6cm under the bra hook, not long enough to tie the knot from the video I guess.
This is a beautiful channel! Makes me very envious.
Practice and not losing heart, then.

Anonymous 7715


Just growing your hair now? As an adult? Educated guess you are a tranny and you don't pass.

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