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Anonymous 7677

Does anyone else get cold sores?

>How long does each outbreak generally last?

>Do you do anything to conceal it?
>What do you do to help it heal faster or prevent scabbing?

I hate having a walking “I have herpes” sign on my face.

Anonymous 7678

>How long does each outbreak generally last?
Like 5 days usually,sometimes less and sometimes more. Never seemed to last more than a couple weeks at most.
>Do you do anything to conceal it?
>What do you do to help it heal faster or prevent scabbing?
I was given oral ointment by my doctor years ago which helped to clear it up in a few days.

It was really embarrassing because in high school it was at its worst. People would call me a slut and such because of it despite me being a khv at the time. Got it from shairng drinks with someone who had it…

Anonymous 7683

Why would big boobs disallow running? If it's about pain you just need a good sports bra.

Anonymous 7684

You could post in the right thread for starters…

Anonymous 7685


Pool's closed due to herpes.

Anonymous 7686

I got chicken pox two years ago and now I get outbreaks sometimes, although very rarely.
You need to apply topical acyclovir as soon as you suspect an outbeak is comming (when you feel that the skin is a bit hot or sore). I also take an acyclovir pill before the outbreak comes, then keep the treatment according to the dosage I usually take. Supposedly acyclovir is useless unless you start taking it right before the outbreak.
Also I know this is gross but if it's just a little redness with no big bumps then I do conceal it with foundation and red lipstick. Make sure to clean the lipstick with alcohol afterwards though, although afaik the virus can't live outside of the human body for long.

Anonymous 7696

I don't get cold sores, but I get styes on my eyes and canker sores that are sometimes visible in the corners of my mouth a lot. I usually just skip makeup to let it heal but if I absolutely need to cover it up I use a concealer and a lip and/or eye color that blends in with or distracts from it as needed

I wouldn't even mind being that fat if I had those tits

Anonymous 7723

I used to get them more in high school. Ive learned to not touch my face without washing my hands first. It saves you from all kinds of zits and pimples. For me anyway.

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