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Lower Belly Problems Anonymous 7765

Hello everyone, I am desperately in need of help for my lower belly problem. I used to be overweight (27+ BMI) but since January 2019 I made a lot of lifestyle changes (low carb diet, exercise 3 times a week and small meditation sessions). During these 12 months I made a lot of progress and I'm now at a 22.5 BMI, but despite these 12 months of mostly healthy living I still have a lot of lower belly fat (pic related, loks literally like me), so much so that i look pregnant tbh ;///////;
Lower belly fat has been a really big insecurity of mine because its so noticeable that it pains me to even look at it in the mirror. Has any other anon had this problem? If so did you solve it? how?

Anonymous 7767

Accept that "spot training" is a myth and this isn't a problem you can solve by targeting it. Your belly will continue to shrink as you lose weight, but adipose distribution in women generally means that it will be the last thing to completely flatten. I was a big girl at one time (5'8, 33 to 20) and my "pouch" was the last thing to go. I was angry at it the whole time and it took years.

Possible solutions:
-low carb/keto
-it's extra skin so you'd need surgery (I doubt this is it)
-bad posture makes it look worse than it actually is

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