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Should I grow out my bangs? Anonymous 7779

I have had straight, blunt bangs for a while, around 6 years now. I am thinking of growing them out because they're now at the length where I have to decide whether to trim them or let them grow out. My forehead is not short, I'd say it's about average sized, but if I were to place it on a spectrum, it'd be closer to the larger end of said spectrum. I also have the reminders of some ugly self harm scars on my forehead that are horizontal. People close to me say they aren't too noticeable, but I think they make it look like I have forehead wrinkles when I don't. I know, I'm an idiot. But with makeup it is possible to cover them for the most part.

I like my bangs, but I have always loved the look of more subtle bangs other women have, as well as other women who don't have them at all. What should I expect if I grow them out in terms of how long they will take to blend in with the rest of my hair? My hair grows relatively fast. Is it better to play it safe and not grow my bangs out since I'm a little anxious my forehead might be a tad large? No one's ever taunted me for that, even when I didn't have bangs, but that was so long ago. I guess I feel indecisive because I want to have fun with my hair and grow it out, but I know bangs appear to suit me. I tried growing my bangs out before and gave up.

Pic related is the closest picture I could find to my hair currently. My hair is a lot thicker, longer, and wavier, though (I straighten my bangs all the time). It's also all blonde except for the roots.

Anonymous 7780

I think growing them out would be nice for the new year. I’ve had bangs before as well and as they were growing out I just swept them to the side and gave myself side bangs. Or you could always pin them with cute clips or a simple bobby pin. If no one’s ever talked about your forehead then you’ll be fine!

Anonymous 7836

You probably won't see this OP, but if you don't like the way your forehead looks, keep the bangs. You can always change the way they're styled if you want a change. I see a lot of people with wavy or wispy bangs these days.

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