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Anonymous 7789

Do you stretch? Stretchers post your stretching routines.

Anonymous 7800

I have a shoulder injury so I stretch every day.

My routine:
1. Levator scapulae stretch 3/side 2x/day; hold 20-30 sec
2. Upper trapezius "
3. Scalene "
4. T-spine self-mobilization (with a foam roller); hold 2-3 mins
5. Posture stretch on a foam roller (This one is my fave; just lie on a foam roller so your spine is flush and stretch out your arms at a 45-degree angle, palms up. Great stretch if your shoulders/neck are tight from stress/desk work.)

Right now I'm also doing Home, a daily yoga practice for January 2020 (Yoga with Adriene). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-UzzFFfpiil94CUrWKVMaqmkm

Anonymous 7811

My body is really stiff and uncoordinated… I was doing daily yoga for a while but gradually stopped some time last Summer. I've just been doing whatever stretches I feel like throughout the day, trying to work on my forward fold and wrist/ankle mobility.

Thanks for the reminder, I just did the first Home video!

Anonymous 7820

Good channel for stretching routines.

Anonymous 14278

Reviving this thread. How does one become more flexible and be able to do the splits (frontwards and sideways splits)

Anonymous 14279


get one of these

Anonymous 14280

thanks anon. what are they called so i can buy it online?

Anonymous 14281

Splits stretcher

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