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Anonymous 7851

>be me
>short with a baby face, look like a 12-15 yo
>need to look like a professional
>afraid no one will take me seriously in a business sense

How can i look mature/professional if im the opposite of that? Im afraid i wont be able to get the job bc i look too immature

Anonymous 7861

not to necro, but the most important thing is to make sure that your clothes fit right. If your clothes are too baggy or tight, you'll look like a kid wearing her mom's clothes.
People are used to seeing young-looking women and tend to judge their age by context, so if you dress and do your hair and makeup like a normal young professional, you'll look like an adult.

Anonymous 7882

Your post made me think of this video. You should know your body type and how it affects the look of clothes on you.

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