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Beauty Anonymous 7883

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. So, what is that you find beautiful?

Anonymous 7884


This girl is my e-crush, Payton from The Paranormal Files on YT. I have a thing for heavy metal chicks with big butts and seductive eyes.

Anonymous 7886

Samefag but, not sure if that’s what you were asking or not.

Anonymous 7887


I really think most people have something beautiful about them. If we didn't have media pushing edited unhuman looking people on us, we could see the beauty in each others more often. The most beautiful thing to me is when someone is standing in the sun, especially when it is setting, and it gently illuminates their face and their eyes shine so nicely. Especially brown eyes, they look much prettier in the sun

Anonymous 8064


women who look 0% like me.
Long, straight hair. Light colored eyes, pale skin, asian epicanthic folds, large eyes, v-shaped face, very small waist, wide hips, shapely butt, 90-100 pounds, full lips

Anonymous 8065

Is that a real girl? Not hating on the beauty, genuine question. She looks a doll to me.

Anonymous 8066


honestly had to google that myself (found her pic on tumblr) but indeed she is a real woman

Anonymous 8067

meisa kuroki

Anonymous 8072


fiona apple

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