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Meal Prepping Anonymous 7903

Anyone into meal prepping?
I know it's just a dad but it looks useful.

I like the thought of only cooking once or twice a week. Maybe it'll stop my dependency on fast food because I'm too lazy to cook.

Anonymous 7904

Fuck me

Anonymous 8007

I did it for a while. It's kind of fun to hunker down once a week and do a lot of cooking, and it makes mornings a lot easier. But you have to have a lot of fridge space. And you have to make sure what you prep will still smell/taste/look good after sitting in the fridge for a while. I did just simple base flavors and would Dave the seasonings for the day I was going to eat that meal.

Anonymous 8008

Typos are contagious, I guess.

Anonymous 8015

get a slow cooker and find some recipes online. you just throw things in there and let it cook for 5-10 hours and you have plenty of servings. i also recommend you to go to budgetbytes, it's a website that lists the cost for recipes and the servings too. meal prepping to me is like preparing the clothes i want to wear the next day. it makes things a lot easier and convenient when you can just grab food and go. you'll notice that actual food is way cheaper than fast food.

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