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anti-depressant thread Anonymous 8099

hi, not sure if there has been a thread like this before. figured i’d start one.

are any of you guys on anti-depressants? i finally started taking cymbalta (currently 20mgs but upping to 40mg in a few days). i can’t tell if its working or not but i will say my insomnia has gotten worse and i get nauseous every night since taking it. i also feel extremely fatigued throughout the day, but i can probably attribute that to lack of sleep. it’s been about 2 weeks since i started.

what are your experiences with anti-depressants? especially curious for those who have stopped taking them or are tapering off. are they worth it in the long run or should i just focus on getting help without meds?

Anonymous 8101

I'm taking duloxetine which is a generic cymbalta. I went from 30 mg twice a day to 60mg at night.

When I first started I also suffered from extreme fatigue, falling alseep at work to taking a nap and it being a 12 hour nap. I was suffering from hyposomnia before. So I thought the pills where making it worst. I was nauseous as well but I thought it was more to do with being on antibiotics as well. But that all kind of stopped after the first week.
My doctors did stressed to me to stop taking it, if it made me feel worst and more suicidal.

That being said you should seek professional help before listening to a anon on the internet. Everyone behaves and reacts differently to medication.

Anonymous 8102

it can take around 4 weeks for antidepressants to kick in, feeling fatigued is normal. i agree with the above poster about talking to your doctor.
i took zoloft 2 years ago for 2 months and stopped because it wasnt helping my anxiety and made me feel numb. i wouldve experimented with other meds but my insurance is shitty and it would take months to schedule appointments with my psychiatrist, plus my mom was being a bitch at the time trying to convince me that none of this would work.
meds are different for everyone, i have friends who have drastically improved from them and others who havent. honestly i am a complete mess and have gotten a lot worse since stopping, though i personally think i need weekly therapist appointments and a reason to live rather than medication.

Anonymous 8119

I've been taking fluoxetine (prozac) for several years now, also tried zoloft and some other mental health meds (mostly for anxiety) before that.
OP it's really important to know that most antidepressants reach their full effect at 1-2 months. Even though some people claim to feel better within a few days of taking them, some don't and get discouraged. Just know that it can take several weeks to reach your new normal.
Other important stuff:
-idk if you're suicidal but some people are at greater risk of self harm or suicide in the first weeks/months because they get some energy back but their mood doesn't get any better - this is a well known side effect and you need to look out for it if you continue to take them.
-there are so many kinds of antidepressants which will work differently on everyone. If you get unbearable side effects from what you're taking, go to your doctor ASAP for them to change it and/or taper it off for you. Don't do it alone because sometimes the withdrawal can have harmful side effects too. I tried to taper off myself once by reducing the doses or extending the periods between them but it was too much and I felt like hell.
-in general, don't get discouraged if it takes a while to find the medication that works. I'm lucky I have a really good GP who listened to me and was willing to make changes, but also noticed when they were working and encouraged me to stick it out and stay on them.
-as much as it might sound ideal to be off meds, tbh this can be hard to achieve for lots of people. I've accepted that my meds are a crutch that keeps me functioning on a day to day basis, but the energy and progress I've gained since being on them isn't something to ignore. I think I would need really good therapy, coping techniques, etc. to fully come off them and I've promised myself not to try life without them until I really get all my shit sorted.

Best of luck OP and let us know how it goes.

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