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Body Inspo thread Anonymous 823

Can we have a inspo thread that's ana-free?

Fitspo, curvspo, even thinspo as long as not spoop thin (which I guess admin could delete if she thinks it's not fitting).

Anonymous 824


I feel like we're really playing with fire here but here's my waifu Stephanie Davis. I'll never be as low bf and smol framed as her but I can drool.

Anonymous 825

>starts off with a Korean idol

Shoo Shoo, Ana-chan

Anonymous 826

She looks fine tho?
But I have to agree that there's really a fine line that's easily crossed. What for someone might be normal, other might see it as ana-tire and that's where the conflicts start.

Anonymous 827

I don't think it's necessarily about how thin an idol is, it's just that anyone familiar with the industry knows for a fact that those girls are under insane pressure to be very underweight and often starve themselves, either because their managers make them or by their own volition.

I don't know about that particular girl though, I'm pretty out of the loop with kpop. Some of them are into fitness, she looks like she could be.

Anonymous 828



lmao I am not Ana at all. I posted Subin in this particular picture because I liked her subtle abs and she's the same height as me, so I think it's even more motivating.
Not all k-idols are IU stick thin, pic related, she's from a big group as well.


>Some of them are into fitness, she looks like she could be.

Yeah, Subin always advocate for fitness and shows herself working out. I think she was very thin in some of her appearances though, but at the time of this pic she was fine, that why I chose it.
I really don't like what the industry did to Wendy, for example, but not all of them are super thin, some managers are a bit more lax.

If I knew this was going to be polemic I'd start out with another pic, really. I didn't think anyone was going to think my OP pic was ana.

Anonymous 829


Anyway, moving on. I am looking forward to having my arms more toned, especially my triceps, because I am currently having this lunch lady arms situation going on. Not only that, the fitness classes I am taking right now really demand a lot of arm strenght.

Anonymous 830

Even if I worked out, I'd never have a body as nice and curvy as hers. Jesus. I hate being already thin, it's depressing that even being thin is not enough to have a rockin' bod.

Anonymous 831

You can? Maybe not the same, depending on your anatomy, bit you can gain definition.

>even being thin is not enough to have a rockin' bod

Well, yea, you need muscle or you'll end up flabby lol

Anonymous 832



Well, it depends a bit on bone sctructure as well, not just muscle vs fat. If your skeleton is shaped like a ruler, you won't have a hourglass or pear like body that someone with wider hip bones would.

However, exercising helps to create some illusion. It takes a lot of effort and you will be stronk instead of soft, so it depends on what you rather be, snon. Maybe try waist training? >>830

Anonymous 833

It's my shoulders. If they were smaller, I'd be an hourglass (or if my hips were crazy wide) with a nice shaped and sized butt. Too bad plastic surgery is not an option for shoulders (you would have to break the collarbone, so no reputable doctor would do it).

I'm always down to increase my butt size of course, and hips, but hips seem to not be super affected by working out.

OT but how many times a week and how much time per session does building a body take?

Anonymous 834

>OT but how many times a week and how much time per session does building a body take?

3-5 times a week, ~3 muscle groups per day, 3-4 exercises per muscle group, 3-5 sets of 7-10 reps per exercise to get hypertrophy

Anonymous 835



Oh, that's about it? I thought you'd be a total shapeless girl lol If that's the problem, they way you dress can help tons. I know the pics they chose for this article are not the best (at least imho), but they have good tips.


The secret is to put volume on your hip area, that avert the eyes from the shoulders.

sage for OT.

Anonymous 836


This is my dream body. I understand it's different from most people itt. Idk where I found this picture, but it was in a body type thread. I still have a lot of tummy fat to lose and I am lifting light weights and doing moderate cardio + dieting to achieve something sort of like this. I don't think I have wide hips though, which may be a problem…but since I'm still kinda fat there's no reason to worry about that yet before I lose my chub

Anonymous 837


Emi Wong!

I love her workout videos, they are probably among my favorites, and her body is very nice, abs goals.

Anonymous 838

Sorry for being such an annoying stan, but there's a reason why I avatarfag with Dahye.

She's my number one body goals.

This dance practice video is legendary.

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