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Muscle on Women Anonymous 8290

How do you feel about women having visible muscle or being fit in general?
How much is too much?
Would you be willing to work for it?

Anonymous 8294

I think it depends on overall frame size/proportions, from a purely aesthetic point of view. I'm 5 feet tall and I'd look like a cannonball.

Anonymous 8295

I think pic related looks like her fat percentage is too low to menstruate. I don't think women can have very visible abs and be healthy. A little bit of abs looks nice though.

Anonymous 8297

pic related is obviously photoshop

Anonymous 8298

I'm 5'2" and this is exactly why I'm scared to try and build up muscle. I'd look like a compensating manlet.

Anonymous 8299


Unless you have weird frame there's no too much unless you are taking steroids.
And even with steroids if you are using the ones like anavar you will probably still look great/better.
But this is completely subjective.

Anonymous 8330


Plus muscles are hot, especially on women

Anonymous 8342

go to /fit/ for 5 minutes. they consistently have at least two simultaneous threads about "wheyfus" (ie muscular girls). anyone who says men don't like muscular girls is delusional, or a man with issues of his own

Anonymous 8359

Uma delecia

Anonymous 8437

Muscular with low bodyfat is the ideal form. I would put the time/effort into it once I can afford exorbitant amounts of chicken and a gym membership. I'm not willing to hop on any steroids to get the varbie look though.

Anonymous 8441

>”I’m going to wait until X happens to start working out”
Just start now anon

Anonymous 8444

That isn't what I said. Learn to read.

Anonymous 8455

>go to the place full of people obsessed with fitness to see if men generally like girls obsessed with fitness
Thats like saying you know guys generally love girls who are into anime because the people on /a/ told you so. You want to see what men actually want? Look at models, actresses and mainstream porn stars. Men like fit girls, but generally they dont like muscular girls.

Anonymous 8491

Other femanon here.
Can't agree with that a lot of guys like muscle girls but they often don't talk about it because of stigma.
I didn't even know for years that by bf was into that. Still I am too lazy to be a muscle girl anyway(but maybe someday).

Anonymous 11255

I know she's on gear but HNNNGGGGGGGG THAT'S MY GOAL BODY

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