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Anonymous 8326

Self esteem issues are around because of images of perfection being peddled to people

Anonymous 8328


Jeez anon, how long did it take to figure that one out?

Anonymous 8329

She looks like Nash Grier.
And…did someone post her feet on the porn board?

Anonymous 8334


Indeed, someone did, and someone also linked one of her videos in a /b/ thread about a month ago. I haven't watched it, so I can't say whether or not it's relevant to that thread, but a poster here does seem to like her quite a lot. I doubt it, because she's got 450,000 YouTube subscribers, but maybe she's a miner trying to promote herself on the down-low?


Anonymous 8335


They also posted a video of hers in the eating disorder thread, lol. What's going on?


Anonymous 8340

All the videos are on point and it's a girl speaking about those issues

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