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Health advice Anonymous 8432

My right ear is cloggled by earwax. Any help?

Anonymous 8433

For more context: I have a very sensible ear that from time to time gets infections of blockage for just existing, so I'm pretty used to it, the thing, is I can't go to the medic for obvious reasons. So I would be happy if any of you know of any homemade remedies.

Anonymous 8436

should try putting a couple drops of mineral oil in your ear and after a couple days try and use a syringe with warm water to try and squirt it out

Anonymous 8439

Visit an ENT (ear nose throat doctor) if you can afford it

Anonymous 8445

There's some solution that you buy without prescription. I had a clogged ear a few years back and after using it every day for a few days it went away. I cant tell you the exact name because I'm not from the US but I'm sure you can find something similar if you search around a bit.

Anonymous 8457

hydrogen peroxide. it's amazing, all fizzy. dirt cheap too. also removes stains from clothing

Anonymous 8463

Get this: https://www.amazon.com/Elephant-Washer-Bottle-Doctor-Easy/dp/B005M2B5P0
Mix one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts warm water and blast it into your ear. Make sure you do it over a sink because the wax will shoot out.

Anonymous 11334

pour several drops of vegetable oil in your ear. Anything that's liquid at room temperature (basically anything but coconut oil) works. wax disolves in oil, so that should loosen the wax up. Leave it in for a while, then try gently cleaning your ears with a swab.

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