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Anonymous 8571

>exercise regurarly
>have a good diet
>use moisturizer on face
>take cold showers
>dress up decently
>take good care of hair
>use light make up such as concealer to hide eyebags
>sleep required amount
>stay hydrated
What am i doing wrong? Why havent i looksmaxxed yet?

Anonymous 8572

Not everyone is meant to look like a stereotypical Stacy or Chad. What exactly do you think is wrong with your looks? Personally I think it's attractive if someone takes care of themselves even if they don't have typical "good looks".

Anonymous 8576

What don’t you like about your appearance? We can’t really help you if we don’t know what you think is lacking.

Anonymous 8577


Most of the faults apparent in the face in pic related are whats wrong with my face. My face is not as long but its what i would describe as droopy.

Anonymous 8578

Lose more weight.

Anonymous 8579

Sounds like something you can’t really change. You could try cosmetic surgery but there’s no guarantee you’ll be any happier with the results. Have you tried changing up your makeup or hairstyle to accentuate the features you like?

Anonymous 8627

>take cold showers
this doesn't do anything

Anonymous 8628

stops skin and scalp drying out
saves water

daily hot showers aren't healthy

Anonymous 8629


Can't you just take normal warm/lukewarm showers?

Are cold shower takers using nothing but cold water?

Anonymous 8630

Nta, but I shampoo my hair with lukewarm water once a week and take very short baths/showers for stink control in between. I tried the cold shower meme but I noticed it wouldn’t fully wash my hair. I think the “cold shower” advice is for people who like boiling themselves in the shower for an hour and wonder why their skin is irritated.

Anonymous 8632


Yeah that sounds about right. I'm sure cold/cool showers are better than a half hour almost-scalding hot shower, but I've never had any skin/hair related problems and all I take are quick lukewarm showers.

I think being active helps too. I notice that if I start skipping workouts/running then I start breaking out or getting mild dandruff. Sweating seems to act like a natural skin moisturizer and hair conditioner for me.

Guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

Anonymous 8633

I do what I've heard called the James Bond method, which is where you start at a relatively warm temp (not hot, but not so cold you already hate it) and then slowely drop the temp. Nowadays I've gotten so used to it that I can hop in when it's already pretty cold.

I haven't noticed better skin but it DEFINITELY wakes me up more than a hot shower does. Taking a cold shower after any workout makes me feel alive and great. Mix that with coffee and let's fucking go.

How long have you been doing these things?
Self love is the realest love you're ever gonna get.
Have you tried actually accepting who you are?

Anonymous 9244

you don't have a good diet. stop consuming all processed shit, all sugar, all grains, all nuts (except macadamia), all soy, all "vegetable" oils (only olive, coconut, avocado), cut down the chicken and pork, and start eating fish, beef, lamb, and other similar meat. eat cabbage, root vegetables and tubers, and alliums. eat fermented and pickled foods. that's health.
"moisturizer" is toxic shit sold to retards for a massive profit. buy some shea butter and virgin coconut oil, warm it, blend it, cool it. done.
>make up … to hide eyebags
>sleep required amount
something's not adding up.
stop polluting your body with "shampoo" and "body wash" or "bar soap". it's all garbage. pure castille soap can be used to wash your hands when you come in from outside, or before you eat. detergents (shampoo, etc) are for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, floors, and so on. clean your body and hair with rhassoul clay. use it daily if you want to. mix it 1:1 with water by volume, or add more water to your preference.
stop polluting your mouth with "toothpaste". all you need is a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil.
a few sprays of isopropyl alcohol will cure you of armpit stink.

your skin is your best indicator of how healthy you are. acne is a symptom of a bad diet and/or unhealthy internal organs. your hormones are directly affected by your diet. what goes in must come out, and the nasty is going to come out in ugly ways.

Anonymous 9292

How can you say all this with having no idea who you're talking to? Quit it. Jesus christ. Coconut oil is comedogenic, some people have fucking genetic dark circles. Baking soda is too abrasive to use on your enamel every day. Please stop giving out "all natural" bullshit advice when you don't even know what the problem is.

Anonymous 9320

Naturetards actually believe this

Anonymous 9334

why just macadamia nuts?

Anonymous 9337

I wonder how it is to be this kind of person, who thinks there is some kind of body cockpit where you can control every single bodily function. I wonder what they do when they get sick by an unavoidable disease. Do they throw a self-blaming fit or do they switch to blaming others (big pharma, gmos, chemtrails, etc)?

Anonymous 9338

Just survive it. Corona means nothing to a healthy body.

Anonymous 9339

i was talking about things like cancer and autoimmune disease, which can have an almost exclusively genetic component or be simply bad luck. what if you get cancer and suddenly are but on chemo? corona could knock you down in one single coof, there's nothing "muh healthy body" could do against it.

Anonymous 9340

Meds won't help. That's the real redpill. You'll only relapse back into after chemo.

Anonymous 9349

1. Realising your self worth isn't just about male attention, fuck that

2. look on r/vindicta to find some tips but seriously if you don't have a set destination you're chasing a vacuous void…

Anonymous 9563

Habe you tried smiling :)?

Anonymous 10330

I feel you OP. Have done everything you've mentioned and I still feel shit. Have lost weight and kept curves but have completely lost my ass which is all anyone cares about now. My jaw and chin are weak and I still have a downturned nose so I have a near classic witch skull profile and loads of neck fat if I move my head anywhere other than up or looking forward. People say I look cute but I feel like I'm catfishing them knowing it's only because I use my hair and clothes to hide my horrible profile. It just feels like I ultimately lost the genetic race and am cursed to feel shitty about myself no matter what.

Anonymous 10331

if acne is because of a bad diet, then why do i eat literal garbage and have clear skin???

Anonymous 10333

Genetics. Some people react with acne to bad food, some don’t.

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