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Anonymous 8640

How do you stay motivated for weight loss?

I find it a hard time keeping motivated for weight loss. It doesn't help that I'm a foodie and seek food out for emotional comfort. And I have no self discipline.

I'm just curious how other people stay motivated. Do you set up wallpapers? Keep photos around. How do you remind yourself?

Anonymous 8642

Being skinny is the most important thing for me that motivates me a lot. I also find eating very repulsive which helps me eaing alone only becuz I dont wanna be seen doing something gross.

Another thing keeps me from eating rubbish is the fact that food has a very short buzz. Like huffing glue, it makes you feel good for a very brief time and the rest is misery. It just isnt worth it.

Anonymous 8656

I wish I had your resolve

Anonymous 8657

Honestly I think the best thing is finding other sorts of pleasure and comfort instead and just eat according to a regimen. I mostly eat more than I should when I'm bored or sad or craving a really good meal so replacing eating with other indulgences works for me

Anonymous 8660

this is good advice
Another good idea would be setting fitness goals that are not directly related to body fat, like "I want to be able to run 5 miles non stop" or "I want to be able to swim 10 laps in a row" or "I wanna be able to go on a 4000ft hike". Also try to enjoy sports or exercise activities, whether it's something competitive like martial arts, or casual like biking

Anonymous 8661

Best advice. As long as eating is your only joy, you won't lose weight without making yourself miserable.

Anonymous 8663

I lost 35 pounds by counting calories. I kept myself motivated by thinking how good I would look thinner. I recommend downloading a calorie-counting app, weighing yourself at least once a week, and giving yourself little treats as you go along.

Anonymous 8702

Every time I want to eat something that I shouldn't, I think "how am I going to feel about this in a couple of hours?"

Usually I prioritize feeling self-disciplined over feeling temporarily satiated. I am a highly disciplined person and have been for my entire life, so I don't need motivation (and everyone should strive to be this way, as well. Seeking motivation is passive). This leads to me usually passing on the food.

I'm also doing 17:7 intermittent fasting (on my way to 18:6) and it helps tremendously with my sleep quality and my energy levels. It also keeps me at around 1000 kcal on a regular day, even if I feel like I've eaten "full" meals. I can't recommend it enough if you want to lose weight. All you really need to do is skip breakfast (my window is between 12:30 and 19:00 to start my meals, as I budget a 30 min buffer for eating my last meal).

If you're not super disciplined, it might be a helpful stopgap to smoke cigarettes, as these decrease appetite. But that's a little controversial.


Being a foodie is fine. If you truly are a foodie, this means that you truly appreciate food. It doesn't mean that you scarf things down without appreciating their taste/texture. Eat more slowly and really think about what you're experiencing.

I also would recommend finding another hobby. Deriving your only pleasure from food means that you are in a very sad state. Find some more meaning in life.

Anonymous 8704

Also going to add that the glow-up diaries series on youtube might be helpful for you.

Anonymous 8730

This glow up series?

Anonymous 8757

Yes, it's by that girl. She has a series specifically titled "The Glow Up Diaries" in which she talks about her struggles with binge eating.

Anonymous 8779

Is it bad that I want to be skinny as almost as a fetish?
I just want to feel small and delicate. To feel tiny.

Anonymous 8782

You mean like Eugenia Cooney? I'm not really sure.

Anonymous 8784

That's a bit extreme. But I find very thin legs appealing.
I don't follow her drama but wasn't it revealed that it was her mother pressuring her to be like that?

Anonymous 8786

I never really followed her either, but yeah there's nothing wrong with being thin. It's just fetishising it is what's weird. You never know if being just thin will be enough, if it gives you that kind of feeling. Might be addicting.

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