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stress Anonymous 8735

how do you all deal with it?

i feel like it kept piling over the years and i can't do anything to release it

Anonymous 8737


I'm socially isolated, I do activities that I like and spend little money on things that relax me somehow. Pic related, the brand I used to smoke (from time to time). I also bought myself a 1000 Puzzle. Also being racist on /pol/.

Anonymous 8748

How so? Are you completely removed in a farm or smt or just don't seek friendships or relationships?

Anonymous 8750

do you have friends? even online ones?

Anonymous 8755

W-what god?

Anonymous 8756

I drink or pour myself into work/reading/art.

Anonymous 8759

me too, i love drawing, writing and reading. but i cant really relax while doing it because i have this feeling of wasting time that i could use to learn things useful for job searchs.

Anonymous 8766

yea but i still feel guilty and freeze up because there is aways something to learn or work on. deep down i know its mot humanely possible or necessary to be a master but i still feel left behind because i lost a few years to mental illness.

Anonymous 9020

same. i'll probably commit murder someday.

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