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Can we overweight women get hot? Anonymous 8761

I'm 25 and look like this. On Hinge I'm not able to get hits on guys who have it going on, just losers. I know I'm overweight and this could be the problem. Is it possible for someone like me to become thin and attractive again? How much work am I looking at, how long, etc…?

Anonymous 8762

Anonymous 8763

how do you even get this fat? I'm trying to gain 20kg.

Anonymous 8764

Weight is more about diet than exercise although you won't be particularly healthy or look particularly attractive if you don't incorporate exercise. To make the exercise easier on yourself I would recommend finding some sport or physical pursuit you enjoy and training for that on top of doing that sport for exercise. Discover that you love to dance, suddenly getting in realily good shape improves your performance besides also making you more attractive

Anonymous 8765

god whats wrong with her nose

Anonymous 8787

Too highlighter.

Anonymous 8877

I'd like to know as well. I want to have plumper thighs and fill out my upper body. Tired of reading comments about girls like me looking less feminine.

Anonymous 8878

Whatever you're supposed to avoid. Soda, sugar, dessert items in general.

Anonymous 8879

Icecream and milkshakes are unironically pretty good when you need to gain weight in a relatively healthy way, it's what often get prescribed to people that are dangerously underweight anyways

Anonymous 8883


Don't fall for the thicc meme thin and graceful women are the most feminine.

Anonymous 8884

Mass gainer

Anonymous 8885


Anonymous 8893

As long as her boobs are big and her face is cute, yes.
Men care a lot more about the size of your breasts than about your tummy.

Anonymous 8925


If your bone structure and fat distribution succs, you're pretty much fucced

Anonymous 8991


who cares what men think.

Anonymous 8994

is that you?

Anonymous 8995

This looks shopped.

Anonymous 9032

The contrast has been increased to make the abs more defined. But the body is more of the work of eating like a rabbit, over priced caffeine pills and exercising constantly.

Anonymous 9040

This. also skeleton shape, you can look good if you're a natural hourglass with boobs but if you have man shoulders and your fat only goes to your stomach and not ass and hips you're fucked.

Anonymous 9120

Right image is sucking in and wearing high-banded underwear that hides her paunch. Her bra is also looser showing off cleavage.

Left otoh is slouching in a chair (anyone looks fat doing this), her underwear has a lower elastic for her belly fat to flop over, and her bra is tighter restricting the cleavage from showing off.

I’m not defending either and they’re both clearly overweight, just saying that if this is your body type and you’re unconfident about it don’t feel like you’re fucked and resigned to look like the left because of some pseudoscience about bone and fat distribution. There’s definitely ways you can dress to hide and cover up your disadvantages and play to your strengths. Show off your cleavage with a looser bra.

But I agree, all Stacies are thin

Anonymous 9643

we get it you can catfish men on tinder by using a snapchat filter and pushing your udders together and men still fuck you out of pity

there's a reason why rich, hot, or any decent men all have skinny or fit girlfriends, don't know a single man who isn't complete white trash or hood rat who is okay with their girl being morbidly obese

Anonymous 9644

Yes I believe there is a niche for everyone but fatties still need to shape up a bit so training isnt a bad idea. Being blobby sucks. Being fat and plump can have it's place.

Anonymous 9652


Would you say the woman in >>8925 is morbidly obese?
Sure, men usually don't like "landwhales" but they still like curves. Some men who are married to skinny women are actually attracted to curvier women.

Anonymous 9653


This is extreme cope, men do like some curves but nowadays actual curvy when are considered too skinny and curveless by fatties with little ratio
>Men ACTUALLY prefer the complete opposite of what they marry despite having the power to marry just about any woman they want!
Yeah yeah I've heard that argument apply for anything, dwellers who think all men are secretly lusting exclusively over asian women, people who think all men secretly lusting over pale skin, people who think men are exclusively attracted to skinny girls and now you're using it for curves. If a man likes curves it means he likes skinny with hips, ass, thighs and tits. Only very few trashy men like women to be overweight and I have yet to be proven otherwise

Anonymous 9658

There's overweight and there's obese. You can still be attractive when you're chubby, but obesity starts bringing out some shitty features. Men just want a variety of things, just like we do. People are fucking weird about what they are and can be attracted to. It's self destructive and damning to sit there and try to pinpoint exactly what the ideal image of what an attractive woman is to all men because it's completely subjective.

Anonymous 9659

Overweight doesn't looking good though anon… And you got to understand that the BMI scale is becoming more and more lenient. Very little women look good overweight unless they already have decent features like kelly brooks, even then kelly brooks was undeniably more hot when she was thin

Anonymous 9660

Btw please stop equating chubby to curvy, curvy is about ratio, most girls start looking like refrigerators when overweight

Anonymous 9661

I'm talking just over the bmi, not multiple points over it.
See above. When I was a butterbeast my waist was still at 73.5 cm and hips/bust around 100. You can still keep proportions, and be disgusting but have a decent shape.

Anonymous 9663

That's only 11 inches better anon, that's not a lot, skelly's have similar proportions and soft stomach look bad when panties come off

Anonymous 9675

Can confirm this regarding the skelly thing. Proportions become their absolute best when you are a healthy weight (and work out).

Anonymous 12236

Just lose weight

Anonymous 12237

>can mentally healthy men be attracted to girls who are physically and mentally unhealthy

Unless they have a weird fetish aka mentally unstable, then no. Obesity is a signal of lack of self control and mental issues that result to binging which means they will put down bad genes, same goes for if they're "naturally" fat, bad genetics and naturally men want a woman who looks physically healthy, obesity could be a symptom of a list of weird conditions so not a suitable partner for healthy men who want a woman they can be equals with long term

Anonymous 12247

I do partly agree with you but I think telling op that literally no moid would ever be interested in her without some mental illness or derangement on his part is incredibly cruel. It does definitely depend on how severe the obesity is. Obviously once it reaches a certain point there is no way the average moid will find you attractive and all you can pull will be chasers and feeders but plenty of chubby or slightly overweight women can attract normal and healthy moids. Also depends on ethnic backgrounds backgrounds tbh. Caucasian moids are into very skinny women while hispanic moids really don't mind that much. Facial beauty and overall fat distribution are also pretty important

Anonymous 12250

I think so. I know overweight is overweight, but not every overweight person is on the verge of death American buffalo sized scary looking obese. I'm not sure why but this opinion is often met with WILD disagreement across most female oriented image boards, but being a tiny bit overweight isn't exactly the worst thing in the world. I personally don't see being slightly chubby as a flaw

I wont deny that there are some seriously unfortunate looking girls who just gain weight in all the wrong places and it doesn't look good but a majority of women, imo, maintain the same level of attractiveness even if they're a little bit pudgy

Myproana used to have threads with this exact topic of discussion and eeeeeveryone in those used to larp as a super fit muscle kween who tore apart girls maybe 10 pounds overweight, and then youd see them other threads posting body checks clearly overweight or skelly flabby. I wonder if the reason why I keep seeing anons on boards being weight about chubby girls is because of the huge number of anachans floating around because some of you say/act the exact same as those ana threads lmao relax Jack Skellington

Anonymous 12251

>everyone in those used to larp as a super fit muscle kween who tore apart girls maybe 10 pounds overweight, and then youd see them other threads posting body checks clearly overweight or skelly flabby.

I should clarify that I say this because there girls were obviously self loathing fat girls or the type if anachan that leaks their disorder on everyone else, so I gotta wonder how many anons in all the similar threads in all the similar chans are actually just overweight girls who hate themselves

Anonymous 12275

I grew up in an obese area and the "average" here is like a triple D

Anonymous 12288

What the hell is an "obese area"? I have NEVER heard that term anywhere else before

Anonymous 12290

It just means everyone is obese so most people who haven't left that area don't know culture outside of obesity

Anonymous 12299

That is totally bizarre. What country are you from? I'm absolutely fascinated with the idea of fat people cultivating their own culture in an area.

What was it like? In what ways is it different from the rest of the world?

Anonymous 12300

Rural America
I lived in different areas and it's totally a bizarre world, even at my heaviest (150, 5'2) I was told I was itty bitty with no curves but in literally every other place I'm a curvy goddess that's fit, given I'm like 120 now too and when I had my body like that in obese town they acted like I was a literal brick. It wasn't just me either, their views on people's bodies are completely warped. I dead ass saw a morbidly obese guy be told he "wasn't THAT big"

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