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Anonymous 8769

How do you guys deal with gyno visits?

I need to go eventually but i'm terrified of anyone touching me or puttings things up there due to past trauma. And all the gynos i visited were so damn impatient that i wouldn't have trust in them to deal with me crying and such, my insurance is shit so there are no other ones.

Anonymous 8770

Tell them when you’re uncomfortable

Anonymous 8771

>me, a stupid 19 year old some years ago
>had a yeast infection
>know i have a yeast infection
>read the OTC box and it strongly says to go to the doctor
>being stupid, i went to a gyno
>get a black man
>scared as hell, never been before
>he wanted me to scoot down the table and open my legs more
>i was frozen stiff
>he grabs my legs and drags me towards him
>sat there in terror while he poked around rather painfully
>turns out the results aren't same day and i would have to wait 2 weeks for a lab result
>not sure if you've had a yi but you aren't gonna sit there 2 weeks
>bought the OTC medicine anyway
>gone in 3 days
>try to forget
>get lab results back: yes it's a YI
>gee thanks
>get bill a while later
>supposed to be covered 100% under mom's insurance
>ask mom
>she goes narc mom and has a mental conniption, screams at me that I have to pay it
>jobless community college student
>she wouldn't even let me explain that it should have been covered, she just went ballistic because she's a retarded drug addicted cunt
>pay $300 out of my saved up Xmas money
>feel like I paid $300 to get raped

the only other time i've gone to a gyno was because they wouldn't let me get a birth control script until i got a pap smear, even though i didn't want one. so once again, the government literally raped me. now i don't use BC any longer and just request men pullout (worked so far). i'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever go back to a gyno again. I don't go to the doctor unless I'm on death's doorstep. i was bedridden for 3 days and could barely move the last time i conceded to go. so thanks, creepy black "doctor" who raped me.

why the FUCK are moids allowed to become gynos? it should be illegal!!!!! and they don't even tell you in advance or let you have a choice. you're locked in a room naked and then surprise a moid just struts in and starts dragging your legs towards him. i feel like i was betrayed by everyone in that situation.

now i don't get any testing done unless it's a test i can do myself, like ones sold on amazon. unless i'm half dead i refuse to let a doctor touch me.

Anonymous 8788

I don't think they're going to listen. They're very impatient and i've had them dismiss my pain or discomfort for other things before.

Hoooly shit i'm so sorry! I would feel violated too, what the fuck, just because he's a doctor doesn't mean this is suddenly okay, he should have faced charges (not like it would matter because we're essentially powerless against them). I hope you got away from your bitch mother.

Honestly not going might be for the best. I don't know what it is about gynecology but this field seems to attract the worst, most insensitive people possible when it should be contrary. I'm with you, i don't see a good reason for a a man to want to go into it, but then again female doctors can be just as bad because they have biases for what THEY would find painful / violating and think you're being overdramatic.

I don't go if it's for an UTI or yeast infection either. I know the signs so i get OTC medicine too, or get stronger ones through a shady pharmacy. The only reason i would go is if it was mandated or needed to screen for cancer or something. I would also go because i want to get sterilized but it's a waste of time to even ask, they don't do it.

Anonymous 8789

Sorry to read that. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Anonymous 8792

Difficult with shit insurance, but switching to a younger female doctor (30 - 50 years) totally changed my gyno experiences. Mine was understanding and super patient from the start about my traumas and discomfort. Worth every (expensive) penny.

BIG NO for male gyno visits, always were horrible experiences for me, and older women gynos tended to push negative outdated views. Also were judgey.

Anonymous 8843

I've only had a male gyno before but he is perfectly nice and makes me feel comfortable. I think I would feel worse with a woman for some reason but not sure the reason for that. Could simply be that I'm used to what I have now… I don't think sex particularly matters but obviously it depends on the person
Do you know know a doctor of whatever speciality who is nice? Ask them to refer you to a gyno or at least give you the name of one. Good doctors clump together and the same goes for bad doctors, so you can make a "chain" of doctors. I've moved countries three times and there is still a "chain" going back to my childhood pediatrician and I've never had a bad experience or felt disrespected, and I see doctors for intimate sort of things a lot due to a lifelong issue with my bladder. In my experience foreign doctors are not as good, as most of them move to the West just for the money and are poorly trained according to a doctor friend of mine. Good luck

Anonymous 8855

>go to male gyno
>checking for lumbs in vagoo
>tells me he can't put anything in me because I'm a virgin, so he has to do it rectally
He was really nice but I wasn't expecting to get a finger in my butt. My mom was in the room with me and if not he has a female nurse, he's never left alone with women.

On another occasion I went to a young women and she was nice too. I prefer female gynos, I don't think it makes much sense to go to a male for women-only problems.

Anonymous 8856

Wait, is this a shitpost? I don't think rectal entry is appropriate for anything other than rectally related gyn-issues or something you're addressing when you're there. Virgins have paps for bc

Anonymous 8857

Why would your mom remain in the room at a gyno appointment? Are you German or something?
>if not he has a female nurse, he's never left alone with women.
The nurse isn't there to protect patients, it's to protect doctors from accusations. I don't go to doctors which use chaperones as I don't want more people than absolutely necessary around me when I'm in a vulnerable position

Anonymous 8859

To be fair I probably would have wanted my mom in there for the trauma of having some rando's finger in my asshole. That's a mama in the room situation.

Anonymous 9411

I deal very poorly with it.
I simply don't go. I do not recommend that, but I have such an extreme body shame, that I simply can't go.

I will never have sex or a boyfriend so it will be fine.
Bevor someone is going to see me nacked I will kill myself

Anonymous 11436

This, why the fuck was he putting his finger up your butt? What does that accomplish? And how does being a virgin prevent him from putting a medical device up your vag? Unless he's one of those morons who thinks "tampons make you impure and not a virgin"
I'm not German, but first time I got a pap my mom was there, and there was no nurse or anyone else in the room.

Anonymous 11521

>you guys

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