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freshman 50.jpg

Anonymous 90

>tfw college makes you fat

Anonymous 91

Excuse my bluntness but isn't it the freshman 15

Anonymous 92

It used to be, but now that being obese is common/acceptable people really balloon up these days.

Anonymous 93

Blurgh, I was actually healthier in college. Access to free campus gym + regular schedule made me lose 30lbs freshman/sophomore year. Put it all back on after graduation, trying to lose it now

Anonymous 94

>Blurgh, I was actually healthier in college
Me too anon, but thats because my metabolism was faster then. I could eat and drink like a pig and always had a 10/10 body (id like to think so, at least). Now, years later, my metabolism is as slow as a pregnant snails' and if i eat too much i gain weight fast.

Anonymous 95

Me too! For me it was a social pressure thing. Everyone was so sexy and stylish at my college so I got stupid thin to compete lmao. Now I'm comfortable so of course I get fat. Nothing motivates me more to get thin than being surrounded by fashionable people, working from home was bad news for my ass.

Anonymous 96

Eugh yeah I miss having access to a great gym with fun classes. Plus you have more time to do activities, I'm always so tired after work I can never get myself to leave the house again to do a class/go to the gym.

Anonymous 97

I gained a bit of weight in college, mostly from drinking beer and having to cook for myself (and not doing it/just eating awful shit at the cafeteria). I gained like, idk, maybe ~15-20 lbs. during college overall? I ending up losing it a few years later though. I was not overweight by any means, thankfully, but not super fit.

Honestly I am surprised since I had to walk all over campus. I wish I could it all over again lmao and be more healthy.

Anonymous 98

I don't drink alcohol and I'm vegan and I've still gained weight, how even?!?

It's kinda hard to motivate yourself into eating healthy in a culture where you reward yourself with junk food reeee

Anonymous 99

Rice, potatoes and bread are all vegan sadly :'D (I have the same problem Anon)

Anonymous 100

>>99 omg POTATOES.

Back to back lectures wear you down, of course you're going to grab chips and curl in a ball haha

Anonymous 101

I gained weight in freshman year because of shitty dorm meal plans, but lost it all and then some when I had to opportunity to cook for myself. I actually have been noticing that people on my social media have been ballooning like hell post-college with frequent eating out/binge drinking with new job money.

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