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Annoying minor health problems Anonymous 9004

Figured I would start a thread to discuss problems that are annoying which don't completely warrant a trip to the doctor's, in the hopes that some fellow anons might have helpful tips/insight.

I'll start:
>been having incredibly sore knees for the past several days, usually this happens around my period but that isn't due for a t
>go into a "food coma" whenever I consume a non-tiny amount of carbs or grease (literally can't control when and where I fall asleep) and wake up with flu-like symptoms after

Anonymous 9009

Could you have an auto immune disease anon?

Anonymous 9010

What makes you say that?

Anonymous 9011

Joint pain and issues with food are symptoms of auto immune diseases.

Anonymous 9013


It's an interesting thought but I don't think that's it - I don't have any other "symptoms"

Anonymous 9015

I think it's worth checking out anon.

Anonymous 9016

I may have SRI, my wrists hurt when they bend. But i can't really take the time off work or college to treat it and it doesn't bother me that much.

Anonymous 9017

my palms and feet sweat so much that I always feel cold.

Touchscreens are hard to use because of the sweaty hands. It's also hard to grip things because they slip easily. Lastly when I answer tests the ink smudges because of my sweaty hands.

Anonymous 9018

I don't know what it is called but my sister had this and got an operation to fix it.

Anonymous 9019

chronic constipation since i was a child
(neglectful parents didn't give a fuck to have me checked out)
i shit once a day or so but it's rabbit pellets and hard to get out.

Anonymous 9021

This could be a food intolerance (lactose?) or dehydration. Try keeping a food diary and excluding each of the top allergy good for a few days and see how you get on. Also try getting fiber supplements like fybogel. Btw, if you don't know already, you can put your finger up your vagina and use that to help push things out.

Anonymous 9036

>your finger
i'm very aware of that technique. luckily i'm female and not a moid. i'm trying to take a test to see if it's a thyroid issue, because it's not like i've had the same diet my entire life, but i've always had the same problems. hydration makes no difference either. i have other symptoms of hypothyroidism, but life without healthinsurance is hard.

my butthole is kind of ugly too

Anonymous 9037

>it's not like i've had the same diet my entire life
That's true but things like dairy, wheat, and soy are in almost everything these days.

Anonymous 10275

When you say carbs and grease, are you getting those from processed foods with too little fiber? If so, try getting your carbs from whole grains/fruit and oil from whole nuts/seeds. That helped me, personally to feel less tired/sleepy after meals. Also try eating 5-6 small meals/snacks more frequently instead of 2-3 large meals per day.

Anonymous 10977

i get dizzy fucking constantly. im not diabetic, i drink water, i dont have any related issues
i just get dizzy spells all the fucking time and i hate it

Anonymous 10998

Sounds like iron deficiency or anemia, anon.

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