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Fat distribution for women = Tallness for men Anonymous 9194

What does your fat distribution look like? Fat distribution seems to literally be more important than weight, and it sucks because it's genetic, you can't spot train, and if your hormones go a little out of wack it gets ugly fast. I went on the pill for a while and got love handles, kms. There's surgery and lipo…but that's expensive and very risky, plus flabby skin afterwards. And even if you do lose weight, some places will refuse to budge unless you devote all your free time to gym and good eating.

Anonymous 9198


Yes, it's more important than weight (until you cross to morbid obesity anyway). I'd say for women, fat distribution and facial attractiveness are the only things that really matter. And of course neither can be changed, unlike for men who have a lot of things they can do to increase attractiveness (muscle, facial hair, wealth/success, charisma etc).

I'm a complete fridge and it sucks. I have no waist, tiny saggy tits, my frame is very wide. I can't carry even little bit of weight gracefully, I just end up looking like bloated corpse, so there's two options, either become super skinny and try to go for the boyish model look or get muscle. I'm aiming for the latter.

Basically the only way to deal with shitty fat distribution is to be very skinny and/or fit. We have to work MUCH harder than women with hourglass or pear shape to look half-decent.

Anonymous 9199

Fat distribution only matters if you're fat. You shouldn't be fat anyway.

Anonymous 9236


>Fat distribution only matters if you're fat. You shouldn't be fat anyway.

Anonymous 9241

my fat distribution is probably triangle, but as a teenager i forced myself to wear shapewear long enough that i now have an hourglass shape. I still unfortunately have horrific hip dips, and I feel that my body looks horrible although males usually don't complain. My body is similar to Mandy Muse but black and with slightly bigger tits

My tits are pendulous.Honestly i think both my body and Mandy's are pretty awful but as you can see men seem to like it for whatever reason.

Fat distribution is absolutely similar to height in men; however, if you keep your body fat like dangerously low even the worst distribution can look pretty good, just like how even for short guys getting ripped can do them a lot of favors. It's an unrealistic expectation that a woman will maintain a super low body fat or a man remain shredded all his life just to look good, but thats how it is

Anonymous 9259

>everyone who doesn't have to buy their wardrobe from the tent section at REI is ana

Cope harder, tubby.

Anonymous 9264

>only way to deal with shitty fat distribution is to be very skinny
But then some people make fun of you for having no curves.

When you're tall and skinny with a "fridge body", you get called masculine. When you're short and skinny with the same body type, you get mocked for resembling a little boy or prepubescent girl.

If only my brain stopped letting my lack of attractiveness affect my confidence level…

Anonymous 9265

If its that bad, I suggest working out your legs and hips until you start feeling comfortable looking in the mirror. If that doesn't work, then you probably have an actual problem with your estrogen levels.

Anonymous 9318

Damn, fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 9321

all my fat goes to my thighs first. could be worse, but i could do without the chub rub. on a diet for this winter, need to drop 5 lbs of inner thigh mush.

Anonymous 9322

Lucky. At least you're not an egg.

Anonymous 9323


It's terrible. Most of my fat goes to my stomach and face. Some to my thighs and tits, but absolutely ZERO to my ass. It annoys me so much that I could look overweight from my face with fat cheeks and double chin, but utterly anorexic from my butt. It's ridiculous. Also my face just doesn't look good fat, it's not a good look at all for me. I have a very delicate bone structure so my face looks soft even in lower weights. With fat covering even the little structure I have I end up looking like a round flabby ball. It's absolutely necessary for me to have low bf% to look presentable and I rely on muscles to have curves (mainly a butt). It sucks because I am a huge foodie and struggled with binging in the past. I need to work out regularly&hard and I have a strict diet. I treat myself sometimes but honestly if I only didn't gain weight on my face I'd gladly take a fat body just to have the freedom to enjoy food. I honestly hate having to be a gymrat but I hate having ugly face way more.

Anonymous 9381


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