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Favorite vulvu moisturizer? Anonymous 9195

I ran out of mine, want a new one what do you guys recommend.

Anonymous 9237

i assume you meant the pussy. for me, it is coconut oil. smells good, natural, cheap, effective, edible as a courtesy for moids who service me.

Anonymous 9239

erm no one 'services' me, but I like the other anon use coconut oil on my hand when masturbating

Anonymous 9245

You shouldn't be putting moisturizer down there…

Anonymous 9314

gotta get a wet ass pussy doe. you moisturize everything else. why not the kitty cat?

Anonymous 9481

it's good to use topical lubricant but… coconut oil is not a good idea, as much as I love the stuff its not good for your kitty.

use water-based lube instead!

Anonymous 9505

Op of this thread use lip glawse.
Only of your lips tho idk about putting anything inside your vagina.

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