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Best at home workouts? Anonymous 9261

Never been the type to care about exercising besides occasional daily walks. Any video or link recommendations (specifically for reducing arm fat)

Anonymous 9266

Wasn’t aware that was a thing. I have proportionally larger arms so am I just stuck with it even at a smaller weight?

Anonymous 9267

You can put mass into the rest of your body to draw attention away from them.

Anonymous 9268

If you have proportionally larger arms, I recommend working out. Make everything else muscular and get down to a lower bodyfat

Anonymous 9272


It's been said to an extent already, but you can't specify where fat would be eliminated/reduced from. Your body's fat storage location is pretty much randomized (though typically distributed somewhat evenly).
If your goal is fat reduction, your diet is half the battle. Despite what HAES advocates like to say, calorie management is the end-all solution to weight loss. The /fit/ sticky explains this well (it's been up for the better part of the decade, unchanged, because there's nothing worth replacing it with). Exercise certainly supports that goal, though, in addition to all the other benefits it provides.
If exercising for the purpose of calorie burn specifically, walking is probably one of the most effective in comparison to time spent and perceived effort. If and when you're fit enough for it, that can be upgraded to jogging/slow running; after some practice you'll be able to run pretty much indefinitely at slow paces, provided hydration.
And finally, for workouts performed in the home, look into calisthenics/body weight fitness. The related reddit has a stickies with the related exercises, routines, and whatnot.

Anonymous 11021

tenor (3).gif

This diet is pretty much 75% of it. Try substituting sweet foods with fruits, get a food scale, and get a calorie tracker. Look up some recipes using low calories meats (think chicken, fish, turkey) followed by veggies (olive oil, salt, pepper, dash of paprika, 400F oven for really basic anything at 20 minutes). If you have access to a gym or can buy dumbbells off craigslist/ebay/whatever use it. Don't forget to throw in some cardio (C25K, swimming, biking,martial arts, copious amounts of sex). Read the sticky @ the chan.

Anonymous 11023

I've been doing cross crawls. I put my leg up as high as it'll go and they are aching in minutes. It is pretty simple. You can do jumping jacks or jump rope too. I don't do these because my downstairs neighbor would kill me

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