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Cleaning / Organizing Thread! Anonymous 9273

Hi anons! I'm doing a deep clean of my apartment today and thought this would be a good topic.

Honestly, I have no idea how to organize my closet so I'd love to hear how you guys tackle this stuff.

Some misc. tips I have:
- I keep a spray bottle with a couple of drops of dish soap, 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water. This is great for spot cleaning (especially on carpets (especially cat puke)), getting rid of hard water stains on shower doors.
-I try to make sure my kitchen sink is empty every night so that there's just not a pile of stuff waiting for me in the morning.
-I keep a tote by my door with broken down boxes for recycling so I can just take them with me when I take my trash out.
-I've been wearing my cloth masks while I'm cleaning with bleach / vinegar, it at least feels like I'm breathing in less chemicals

Anonymous 9274

Three words:

Anonymous 9275

I have a touch of ADHD so if I pack stuff away like that it's so out of sight out of mind that I completely forget it exists and never pull it out and wear it, lol. ):

Anonymous 9283


How do you guys let go of things you don't need? I don't want to hear about miss brings you joy. My dad says to take pictures with the objects and save the pics so you can at least look at them later.

My problem is I feel like I'm getting rid of a piece of "me". The more I move into minimalistic ikeaplant whitecubeshelves I feel less like myself. What do I doooooooooo
Need help it's so hard to clean with all of this Stuff, and I'm moving. It's especially hard because I grew up poor, I never had the chance to have unnecessary things.

Anonymous 9284

If you don't like minimalism or the look and it makes you feel worse don't do it! In keeping it clean it's important to make sure every thing has its own place.

If you want to get rid of stuff, think about what you'd do if your entire place caught fire and you lost x piece? Eventually you'd probably forget you ever had it. Objects, of course, don't make you who you are. If you want unnecessary pretty things and it makes you happy though, hold on to them! If you think it's worth holding on to and moving the object itself, hold on to it lol. The thought of moving and having more shit to pack keeps me from buying stuff.

Anonymous 9311

>breaking down your boxes to take to the recycling bin
my boxes are my recyling bin. amazon box? fill it with your cans and bottles until ti's full then dump the whole fucking thing in the bin, box and all. bam.

marie kondo all your shit and you will have less shit to organize.

use a bathroom sized trashcan for your one-and-only all-purpose trashcan. plastic shopping bags fit in it perfectly, so you never need to buy bags. and it gets full quickly so you never have stinky garbage stinking up your house since you need to take it out at least every week. (but really those giant kitchen trash bins would take me 2 months to fill up. imagine leaving raw chicken packaging in a bin for 2 months.)

take your shoes off at the door and then your floor wont get dirty and you dont need to clean it. never use bleach and you wont need to wear a mask to protect yourself from bleach fumes. take your clothing off before eating meals and you wont' get your shirts dirty and need to wash them. drinking red wine? just get naked first and you won't need to learn how to get wine off of your dress.

Anonymous 9312

only buy crappy cheap things secondhand from goodwill and you will never feel like your shitty "it does the job" coffee mug you bought for 50 cents is a part of yourself. don't buy things to begin with and you won't need to get rid of them. idk, you're making a lot of needless work for yourself. just take the lazy man's approach.

Anonymous 9360

Kind of unironically this.

Anonymous 10405

I also prefer a more minimalistic life, but don't like the ikeaplant whitecubeshelves aesthetic. I lean more towards a 'kawaii' aesthetic. I know a lot of vloggers and such make it seem like you need that aesthetic to be minimalist, but you don't. You can get things you need that have the aesthetic you like. For example, clothing and bedsheets, rugs with busy patterns, lots of colors, etc. There's also nothing wrong with having some art or posters on your walls, as long as you don't find them distracting/they don't require a ton of maintenance. I think what's more important for minimalism is investing in good quality items (can get for cheap second-hand sometimes), reusable instead of disposable items. And just getting rid of things you won't/don't use realistically. For example, if you tend to pile up books because you like the idea of being a reader, but in reality you don't actually read them, get rid of them.

Anonymous 10461

I do keep my place tidy, I vacuum almost every day, but I'm really not into that Marie Kondo shit. I have 200 books on my shelf and I love it. I'm a human, not a machine in an IKEA catalog.

Anonymous 12391

You don't have in that awful white hotelroom minimalist style we see on internet. Just think about the fact you don't need to tidy up so much, you don't need to find space for so many things. If you have many things, you can't even enjoy them all. You can have experience instead of 100 pieces of clothes.

Anonymous 12419

I read marie kondo's book in 2016 and haven't forgotten most of the tips ever since. I HIGHLY recommend it.
You don't have to be super radical, but honestly, try to keep only the stuff you cherish the most, and get rid of the rest (donate). The less stuff you own, the easier it gets to maintain an organized space.
I'm awfully sensitive to "visual noise", so I don't have much decorations, which makes cleaning a lot easier. I have a vacuum robot which makes cleaning the floors a breeze (after the robot I use one of those 'spray mops' and it's clean).

Anonymous 12420

tip i've used for years: mix 70%(or higher) alcohol with your favourite fabric softener and put it on a spray bottle.
That way you can spray it every morning when doing the bed, so it smells like freshly washed sheets everyday :)
Also good for spraying on couches, chairs, closet, drawers, clothes, curtains, the inside of backpacks/purses, etc.

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