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Help with hygiene. Anonymous 9518

I don't really know where to ask this, as I have no friends and my mom would laugh at me, so I am going to come here.
If there is a thread up for this stuff I apologize, I didn't see one.
Anyways, let's start.
I have always had like bad hygiene up until maybe two years ago, and now I really want to change.
I never had acne before but I have a shit ton of it now for some reason, even if I am the cleanest I have ever been.

So I just want to ask what are some good skincare stuff that I could get to help with acne and just in general nicer skin.
Money isn't an issue since my dad is wealthy, but nothing too expensive since I doubt he would let me get one lotion or something that's 50 dollars.

I don't really know how to do this stuff and guides online confuse me.
All I know is that St Ives Apricot stuff is bad for you, and lemon.

Anonymous 9521


Thank you, I'll check these out.

Anonymous 9655

When you say hygiene, do you mean bathing and washing, brushing your teeth and wearing deodorant? Or skincare, like the other anon suggested? If it’s the former, then that will have to be the thing to focus on first before you start tackling acne. Bad hygiene can cause acne, if you get the hygiene under control, there might be a chance the acne will get under control too.

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