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Does this bracelet match my engagement ring Anonymous 9554

I've been looking for a diamond bracelet set in gold to match my silver engagement ring/wedding band to the rest of my gold jewelry that I wear on my hands, arms, neck and ears. Everything but my wedding rings are gold and I felt like it didn't match so I bought pic related solitaire diamond bracelet in gold to try and "tie" the rings to the rest of my jewelry if that makes sense. Does it work? I feel like maybe I need to get one with bigger/more diamonds? Am I overthinking it? Diamond is reallyy small in person. Help.

Anonymous 9555


Also pic related shows the rest of my jewelry

Anonymous 9556

yeah it's very minimalist it doesn't clash with anything.

Anonymous 9557


Does it tie in the wedding rings with the rest of it though? Like does it make the silver jewelry look more like it belongs with all the gold? I know I'm autistic with this shit lol

Anonymous 9560

Other than the your wedding band, the rest of your jewelry is so small that it'd be difficult for anyone to notice let alone care. No matter what though, you won't be able to tie gold and silver together. At best, you could get two equally large gold rings to wear on the fingers adjacent to the wedding band to create a band pattern, which isn't the same thing, but is the closest you're going to get.

That's not an autistic trait. That's obsessive if anything. The fact your agonizing over your image coordination is actual the exact opposite of what an autistic person would do.

Anonymous 9566

It looks fine to me. Although I don’t really have a good sense of what wedding rings are “supposed” to look like besides the standard silver band / centered diamond template. They both have the same color metal and they’re both shiny, idk what else people are gonna look at. You’re right that the thickness is different but that’s just something to emphasize the ring and make it stand out more

Anonymous 9599

It doesnt seem to clash and looks good.

I'm jelly you have such a nice ring. The only way for me to ever get a ring is if I buy it for myself.

Anonymous 10215

Thanks anon. I'm lucky.

Anonymous 10217

Yeah, I think I might actually be a bit OCD or something because this has really been stressing me out. I impulsively buy jewelry trying to "fix" my look but I'm never satisfied. I have spent so much money and have had to keep my spending habits secret from my husband and hide the jewelry, which doesn't really work because I buy it for every day wear. When he notices it I have to tell him it's from a long time ago or something. He hasn't caught on yet but he will if this goes on.

I'm just so obsessed with reaching the perfect look and I don't even know what that is and am never satisfied. It's giving me so much anxiety. Sigh.

Anonymous 10227

lol my husband notices if I spend 40 bucks urs must be dumb

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