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Anonymous 9570

Losing weight and mewing saved my life.

Anonymous 9572

Good to hear.
I started chewing some hard turkish gum when I was 13 years old and I've been chewing ever since.
I recommend it.
Got da Stacy jaw.

Anonymous 9573

What brand of gum?

Anonymous 9574

Tastes like pure mineral oil but at it works the jaw.

Anonymous 9575

I wanted to try it but there are so many tutorials out there, they all say different things and supposedly doing it wrong can easily happen which can lead to headaches etc…

Anonymous 9576

Look up the videos by Dr Mew. He invented it.

Anonymous 9581

The women in the picture just corrected her posture, treated her hair well and either had her skintone editted to look healthier or worked out to get a better skintone.

Anonymous 9582

That's what mewing does. Correct mouth posture.

Anonymous 9587


These bad boys to be precise.

Anonymous 9588

what does the star flavour taste like?

Anonymous 9589

The one in the lower left you mean?
That one's flavorless. That's the mineral oil one.
It also happens to be my favorite since it doesn't have any sugar.

Anonymous 9590

How does the mineral oil thing work? It’s oily?

Anonymous 9591

No no. the texture and mouthfeel is totally normal just the taste is a bit extreme. I don't really know how to describe it other than "like mineral oil"

Anonymous 9595

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