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Laser Removal cancer risk? Anonymous 9623

Will laser hair removal increase your risk of skin cancer?
I just want to get rid of this womanbeard on my face a bit more permanently.
Asking because my searchs were inconclusive, mainly because no real research seems to have been done, just really suspicious short term studies that might as well mean nothing.

Anonymous 9625

The risk is probably minimal, skin is one of the fastest regenerating organs with absolute tons of extra regulation on the replication cycle of the cell. In the grand scheme of things you’re not going to significantly alter the biological age of your skin. Also if you were to begin to develop skin cancer on your face that wouldn’t be terrible, there are lots of non-surgical options to treat small melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers (which should be small by the time you notice them considering you look at your face daily).

Get your hair removal and make sure to continue applying your daily sunscreen, you’ll be fine.

t. person who studied laser-tissue interactions

Anonymous 9627

It will, but about as much as spending an extra 30 minutes in the sun will too. They are blasting your skin with a laser that can burn the skin but is supposed to burn the hair and hair follicles, so yes, technically. In the same way that technically eating bananas increases your risk of cancer because it's marginally more radioactive than other food.

The risks of laser in general aren't really cancer as much as severe burning and retina damage.

Anonymous 9628

Forgot to add.

t. got laser hair removal

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