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Anonymous 9662

How to look cute but not stand out as a tall female?!
I'm 175 cm (5'9) and 57 kilos (125 lbs)

Anonymous 9664

Look at the type of things runway models wear. Don't try to wear things made for shorter women.

Anonymous 9666

Always keep a "classy" feel to your clothes, even if the motifs/patterns are cute (eg. lace or florals). Avoid anything that looks childish.

Also look into kibbe for rough guidelines.

Anonymous 9667

This is some sophisticated moidposting.

Anonymous 9670


This makes me fucking depressed I'm a biological female

Anonymous 9673

I wish I were your height. You are super cute as is, anon.

Anonymous 9677

Don’t worry anon

Anonymous 9679


I don't see what's the problem OP all you have to do is just play by your strengths.

If I put that information in body visualizer I'd say you get nothing to worry about really, it's just your confidence literally to get a racoon qt bf you need to be assertive so work on your confidence, it's not like it hasnt been done before you will do fine, the key is never giving up.


Anonymous 9682

I already have a bf I just want him to be proud of me and show me off to his friends or smth

Anonymous 9683

You are weak af mentally holy shit. Get a grip in your life. That sounds like a trash relationship as well.

Anonymous 9684

You’re not weak anon. You’re just going through the motions. Let it be

Anonymous 9685


Anonymous 9690

get /fit/.
Work your delts to the point where he has a decent amount of cushion to put his head on when he's resting your head on the front of your shoulder.
The part that's right next to your collarbone and is kinda plush.

Anonymous 9713

Why are you with him if he isn't already doing that? Believe me, there is a man out there who will value you without you having to do extra things for him, or be "better" than you already are in whatever way. Worse yet, if he's TELLING you "I'd be proud of you if you did X" or "I wish I could show you to my friends, but Y," GET OUT OF THERE.

Anonymous 9715

Yeah. I dont know what the actual hell OP is thinking but you know what it's a chan board OPs lie all the time. I hope its a lie, nobody can be that stupid to think that such kind of relationship isn't bad or that mentally OP is absolutely not in a good place rn due to expectations, constantly looking for the approval of the guy in her life as if she wasn't good enough already its either delusion or the guy is a sociopath piece of shit you should dump and kick in the nuts. You are a woman, not a slave jester dancing for the king's amusement you dumbo.

Anonymous 9737

What other types of females there are? Fucking spoted!

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