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Anonymous 9774

I can't wait until wedgies stop being fashion and go back to being minor inconveniences in life.

Anonymous 9777

I hate this "style". I love the beach and I love going with my husband but every time we're surrounded by these butts I just get worried insecure that he's staring at them.

Anonymous 9793


With a bit of cropping, you can see that the bottom half of her butt is essentially naked.

Anonymous 9797

this is the ugliest swim suit i have ever seen in my life. worse from the front too

Anonymous 9812

high leg.jpg

This trend needs to die for the front as well. The high rotisserie chicken looks good on next to no one, even VS models

Anonymous 10216

Eh, I think this style just looks bad on her because she has no hips.

Anonymous 10530

Wearing these seem so uncomfortable to me. I don't know how they can stand it.

Anonymous 10572

It will never go away because most people are fat now and this allows them to tuck their rolls in and still be "valid cute uwu"

Anonymous 10685

this, fatties wont let it go away

Anonymous 10808

I wish that I could tell how that'd look on me. Black women aren't buying this stuff but it's always a black model

Anonymous 10978

tf? im a fatty and this shit makes me look even fatter

Anonymous 10997

I think they may have used a black, dark skinned model for contrast, since the suit is such a light color.
Also, if you think black people aren't buying these, wouldn't it make more sense to advertise to them? Gotta get more new customers, not just pander to people who already purchase your stuff.
For the record, I don't think this suit would look good on you if you have very pale skin and the color would blend in with you. Go for a darker color.
Though, as others in this thread have pointed out, the style is ugly af regardless of color.

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