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Period Discussion General Anonymous 9864

Discuss any findings from the period survey >>9534 or any other period related things here.

One thing that surprised me from the survey was how many women have at least one extremely painful day every month, yet this is barely spoken about and all women are just expected to get on with things.

Did anyone notice anything else?

Anonymous 9902

how many of you track your periods? is that really a common thing? do you guys track it when not having sex?

Anonymous 9904

I've been tracking them since I was a girl. It's good to predict when you'll have your next period so you can prepare accordingly. Also establishes a good baseline for when tracking your period becomes a bigger problem.

Anonymous 9905

I used to track when I was still a virgin. It’s nice. Also it helps for when you go to the doctor and they ask when you last menstruated lol.

Does anyone have a favorite tracking app for android? I just want something simple that looks nice. I’m cis-scum so I don’t mind gendered language but I’m also not set off by gender-neutral language. I don’t need to track my moods because I use a different app for that. I mostly just care about dates, and maybe pain/flow.

Anonymous 9907

I tracked them for about a year to see if there was any pattern as they’ve always been irregular. Nope. I don’t count at all now, just feel when it is coming.

Anonymous 9915

Only sort of on topic but idk where else to put this. Back when I used pads I really loved their smell, there was something so weirdly delicious about it. Now I bought some drugstore toilet paper and it has the same scent and every time I blow my nose into it I feel like I'm sniffing a pad. MFW

Anonymous 9916

Lol im sorry what? what did they smell like? you mean the floral scented ones or just regular pads? i don't recall them ever having a scent

Anonymous 9917

Not that anon but I think scented pads is a weird American thing. Don't buy them, they are bad for you.

Anonymous 9918

I'm European. You're gonna hate me for this maybe but it's not the scent of the pad itself, but after it's used. It doesn't really smell of blood, just kind of buttery? Idk how to describe it, but it's intoxicating lmao. The TP I bought has the same weird buttery scent. It doesn't smell of period, just… idk. Either way I don't use pads anymore, as said in my original post. And I know this is weird and I phrased it vaguely in my original post for ambiguity but here I am

Anonymous 9919

I use Clue, it's nice.

Anonymous 9920

im the same way its ok

why are we like this

Anonymous 9921

To me they smell like soy sauce. Period blood even looks like soy sauce. I don't understand how people can eat anything with soy sauce on it.

Anonymous 9922


I could drink soy sauce by the bottle but I never thought it looked or smelled like period blood.

Anonymous 9923

literally WHAT lol.. idk how you can equate soy sauce and menstrual blood; Also yes we have scented pads in america (some that don't even mention they are scented) but most people know those aren't the most healthy option to use. The brand Always sells pads usually floral scented

Anonymous 9924

the odor-neutralizing chemicals must be crossing wires in your brain

Anonymous 9926


Seriously. Smell a used (unperfumed) pad and then a bottle of soy sauce. Compare the colours, deep reddish brown. Yuck.

Anonymous 9927

Idk, my last days of period aren't the same brown, more of a greyish brown.

Anonymous 9954

Lmao I'm so morbidly curious about smelling these buttery pads and toilet papers now. Never smelled this shit in my life and you'd think in burgerland we'd be the first people to have mildly food scented toiletries

Anonymous 9969

Tbh I think periods smell like red wine and it’s why I can’t drink the shit

Anonymous 10395


Have you ever gotten a period cramp so bad you thought about killing yourself?? Any how-to's for absolutely destroying your womb??? please

Anonymous 10396

Masturbate, hot water bottle on stomach, drink hot tea, distract yourself playing a game, ibuprofen + paracetamol together

Anonymous 10397

>>10396 In addition to doing all this, I also recommend eating lots of fiber, avoiding coffee (tea is good though), and try this guided meditation that's made specifically for pain relief.
I personally find that specific video helpful, though there might be others.
Physical exercise, especially something that works your abs/butt area helps too.

Anonymous 10398

I find avoiding carbs (especially sugar) helps a lot too.

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