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Period Discussion General Anonymous 9864

Discuss any findings from the period survey >>9534 or any other period related things here.

One thing that surprised me from the survey was how many women have at least one extremely painful day every month, yet this is barely spoken about and all women are just expected to get on with things.

Did anyone notice anything else?

Anonymous 9902

how many of you track your periods? is that really a common thing? do you guys track it when not having sex?

Anonymous 9904

I've been tracking them since I was a girl. It's good to predict when you'll have your next period so you can prepare accordingly. Also establishes a good baseline for when tracking your period becomes a bigger problem.

Anonymous 9905

I used to track when I was still a virgin. It’s nice. Also it helps for when you go to the doctor and they ask when you last menstruated lol.

Does anyone have a favorite tracking app for android? I just want something simple that looks nice. I’m cis-scum so I don’t mind gendered language but I’m also not set off by gender-neutral language. I don’t need to track my moods because I use a different app for that. I mostly just care about dates, and maybe pain/flow.

Anonymous 9915

Only sort of on topic but idk where else to put this. Back when I used pads I really loved their smell, there was something so weirdly delicious about it. Now I bought some drugstore toilet paper and it has the same scent and every time I blow my nose into it I feel like I'm sniffing a pad. MFW

Anonymous 9916

Lol im sorry what? what did they smell like? you mean the floral scented ones or just regular pads? i don't recall them ever having a scent

Anonymous 9918

I'm European. You're gonna hate me for this maybe but it's not the scent of the pad itself, but after it's used. It doesn't really smell of blood, just kind of buttery? Idk how to describe it, but it's intoxicating lmao. The TP I bought has the same weird buttery scent. It doesn't smell of period, just… idk. Either way I don't use pads anymore, as said in my original post. And I know this is weird and I phrased it vaguely in my original post for ambiguity but here I am

Anonymous 9919

I use Clue, it's nice.

Anonymous 9920

im the same way its ok

why are we like this

Anonymous 9922



I could drink soy sauce by the bottle but I never thought it looked or smelled like period blood.

Anonymous 9923

literally WHAT lol.. idk how you can equate soy sauce and menstrual blood; Also yes we have scented pads in america (some that don't even mention they are scented) but most people know those aren't the most healthy option to use. The brand Always sells pads usually floral scented

Anonymous 9924

the odor-neutralizing chemicals must be crossing wires in your brain

Anonymous 9927

Idk, my last days of period aren't the same brown, more of a greyish brown.

Anonymous 9954

Lmao I'm so morbidly curious about smelling these buttery pads and toilet papers now. Never smelled this shit in my life and you'd think in burgerland we'd be the first people to have mildly food scented toiletries

Anonymous 9969

Tbh I think periods smell like red wine and it’s why I can’t drink the shit

Anonymous 10395


Have you ever gotten a period cramp so bad you thought about killing yourself?? Any how-to's for absolutely destroying your womb??? please

Anonymous 10396

Masturbate, hot water bottle on stomach, drink hot tea, distract yourself playing a game, ibuprofen + paracetamol together

Anonymous 10397

>>10396 In addition to doing all this, I also recommend eating lots of fiber, avoiding coffee (tea is good though), and try this guided meditation that's made specifically for pain relief.
I personally find that specific video helpful, though there might be others.
Physical exercise, especially something that works your abs/butt area helps too.

Anonymous 10398

I find avoiding carbs (especially sugar) helps a lot too.

Anonymous 11235

yes, i constantly felt like this before i started taking birth control to stop them. id sit on the toilet all day literally contemplating killing myself becahse it made me feel so miserable. i recommend going onto the pill, its helped me completely and when i have to take a break from it for a week, my cramps are nowhere near as bad as they were before.

Anonymous 11464


I started my period on Tuesday and it usually lasts around 5 days, it's now Friday and earlier today I woke up, went to the bathroom, took my tampon out, peed, did some stuff, then remembered I need to put in a new tampon… but it felt a bit dry and like there was resistance, so I tossed it. But if there's still one inside me, then why can't I find a string… I should still be spotting, but I'm absolutely clear and have been all day (it is now 9 pm). I did the ol' squat above the mirror and didn't see anything, but I can't exactly see all the way up to my uterus. Shit

Anonymous 11476

I started my period yesterday. I am about a week late and it is my first one since becoming completely vaccinated. The only odd thing is that I feel like I have ingested edibles. Like I am literally THC high. It was stronger last night but I still feel it now. Has anyone else had this? Are my nerves just fried? I am not complaining but it is just odd to me. No cramps yet either.

Anonymous 11482

Conclusion: Everything was fine, I really had no tampon up there, I just miraculously didn't spot at all for almost an entire day. Then it proceeded as usual.

Anonymous 11532


I’ve recently become irregular. I was spotting for literally a month back in March on a new birth control so I got off it and my cycle is still not back to normal. I’m paranoid that I naenaed myself into unpredictable periods ):

Anonymous 11600

Feeling like utter shit emotionally, which almost always means I'm about to start my period. Never been organised enough to track when it starts and ends, I just know when I'm getting angry at dumb shit.
Just glad I caught it this time before I got into a meaningless argument. It's embarrassing because it makes me feel like a walking PMS stereotype.

Anonymous 11640

I’m not anaemic but I get heavy periods. This morning after sitting up for a while I was sooooo dizzy my head was spinning (like vertigo) but also felt lightheaded and like I was gonna faint. Does anyone else get severe dizziness and lightheaded on their period? It scared the shit out of me and I literally had to crawl to my bed and lay down and drink a load of water with crackers (which helped a bit but I’m still scared)

Anonymous 11648

Yes, I get that too. It could be that your iron or hemoglobin are lower than the optimal range, but not low enough to get a diagnosis. It's worth taking some iron supplement, at least when you're on your period, if that's the case.

Anonymous 11651

I started spotting about two weeks after my last cycle, and it only lasted a couple days. I've been under a lot of stress and haven't had this happen in a long time, should i be concerned, or do you think it's just the stress anons

Anonymous 11664

If it's around two weeks after the last cycle it could be just ovulation! Sometimes it causes spotting and it's nothing to worry about.

Anonymous 11783


my thighs get incredibly painful during my periods, i can't walk. It's all just pain and suffering and I feel like i want to throw up. fuck periods

Anonymous 15091


>trying to explain to people that your period cramps run through your pelvis and into your thighs
>you need the heat thingy to touch both the thighs and the pelvis
>no I don't want stick on heat pads I want something I can press and wedge between my thighs
>mom: "but your ovaries aren't in your thighs"
>fuck off you haven't had a period in 20 years

Anonymous 15129

Has anyone else had their cycle messed up after getting the vaccine? I got my second Pfizer shot last year in August and since then my periods have been all over the place. I missed a month or two, and now they either come a few days early or a week late. It might not be related but I litterally skipped a month right after the shot and since then it's been a mess - mind you my periods were really regular before as they started pretty much on the same day for years.
So this is annoying because I'm way more worried about my periods as I can't anticipate them but also a bit frightening if it's related to the shots because I wonder what other effects it could have on the hormonal/reproductive system?

Anonymous 15185

not trying to be mean but it's reported that it can have adverse effect to women with pcos and may worsen it, get checked out and i wish you good luck

Anonymous 15188

Anyone else get period migraines? I always get them at the start of my period and sometimes during too. I've always had very heavy periods. I can only wear pads because tampons hurt too much. Cramping is hell. Everything from the waist down is like the worst pain ever. I always have to spend the first day or 2 of my period in bed because everything hurts so bad. I thought this might be abnormal since other girls seem to be able to function on their period. Tried talking to my doctor about it but she says 'its just period lol' and gave me a prescription for it which helps thankfully.

Anonymous 15262


I have incredibly painful periods, my thighs hurt so bad I cannot walk. Sometimes it gets so awful that I feel like I'm going to pass out, I cannot even sit when I have my periods. I have to lay down and I get so in pain that I cannot think properly. My body keeps shivering up and tensing up in painful awful ways. There has been moments where I almost threw up over the pain. I also cannot shut up when I'm in such pains as I just moan and genuinely cry. It's so excruciating that I feel like I'm about to die, it's like my whole body gets painful and sore and tired. I take painkillers but sometimes one isn't enough so I take more, it can go up to three. (Once the pain passes I get so incredibly tired I am not functional, I usually sleep for a long time after it). So because of this I have to skip university classes. But this week I told some friends why I skipped the classes (reason being very bad period) and they told me I should just suck it up and come anyway because they always come to classes even if it hurts during their period. Am I a fucking pussy for being offended and genuinely feeling hurt by this? I WANT to go to class but it's so so so so painful I cannot. I want to. I probably do not make much sense but I feel a bit hurt by what my friends said.

Anonymous 15263

This doesn’t sound normal. You’ve already seen a doctor about this, right?

Anonymous 15264

You should go see a doctor anon, this doesn't sound right.

Anonymous 15267

The doctor I go to prescribed me painkillers and that's all there is to it. Maybe I should try checking with a gynecologist or female doctor?

Anonymous 15269


No, your friends are assholes. I get painful periods as well. They've been as painful as what you describe only several times before, but when they were I legit thought I was dying and that I needed to be glued to a toilet seat. Going to school is the last thing I think about when it feels like I'm getting disemboweled for several hours.

Anonymous 15271

For the past few years, I have experienced constant horniness several days before my period starts. I also began to experience bad moods, tender breasts, and hunger. I don't ever remember experiencing any side effect of periods except cramps, before this. I also started my period at night, last night, and I can't remember ever getting at night before. Maybe it's hormonal changes.

Anonymous 15281

Best advice is to see a female doctor. My mother had similar terrible pains to yours except her period lasted over a week, and the moid doctor prescribed her all kinds of meds that made her feel worse. She then saw a female doctor who then quickly realized she had benign tumors in her uterus and was close to dying. Quickly got help for getting them removed and saved her life. Take that as a cautionary tale

Anonymous 15283

right before my period, a little over a week before the space between my thighs and vagina starts to stink like armpit sweat REALLY bad and even if I wash the sweat stench returns soon.
How do I stop this?

Anonymous 15291

How many days does it last? It sounds like my day 1, though it reduces some on 2 and 3 in my case. When I was a kid I would black out and throw up every time, now I'm 30 and it's definitely gotten better to the point that I can reliably say "last period was nasty so the next one will be forgiving" (I don't know why but it's like that). The PMS where I get fatigue, brain fog, breast and pelvic pain, and chills that make it uncomfortable to move has gotten longer though. Sometimes it lasts almost two weeks before the period actually starts, but those are usually the ones where the period is less painful. Regardless of pain level I still get sudden fatigue I have to lie down for or I'll black out, but I have blankets and a pillow at my PC desk so I can doze there if I can't make it.

This might be very specific to my body, but when you feel like throwing up have you tried going to the toilet and straining the muscles to pee? I get this feeling of pressure that threatens to make me puke, and as a kid puking was what relieved the pressure and gave me a moment of bliss, but these days I've found if I go to pee, even when I don't need to pee, it reduces that pressure. I think it's from pushing the muscles. I know it's difficult to move during the hell cramps but since I've always been like this I've always had bedrooms next to the bathroom so I can hobble frantically in there.

Also seconding Anon's tumour comment. Get an ultrasound done, current scans are very quick and they don't even need your bladder painfully full any more. It should be standard to get it done every 5 years or so that you have bad pain in case something comes up, because you know as well as I do that the ovaries can't be trusted. Fuckers might be making cysts next on their agenda. I've still not had anything visible of that nature, but every doctor thinks maybe this time. Since I have other symptoms throughout the month I'm currently in a long waiting list to get checked for endometriosis, which can cause extreme pain from womb cells screaming in places they shouldn't be.

I think having a term and diagnosis will help with making your friends understand it's not just an average period, and if you get nothing you can always claim dysmenorrhea as a generic diagnosis. You have a right to be pissed at them for not trying to understand. I've had about three female doctors give me this talk that goes "some women don't have problems with their periods", like they can't grasp that bad periods exist, and I sure as hell am mad at them as medical professionals for letting their personal experiences get in the way of treating a patient. Your friends judging your wellness on their experience is the same logic as the people with depression getting in catfights about whether the other counts or not because "that's not like me!" People get fucked in different ways. If they haven't heard of period fuckery then they're sheltered in this day and age. It's on them and their lack of empathetic imagination.

Now I'm getting angry, haha.

Are you smelling it when you sit down to use the toilet? If you only smell it when you pull your pants down then there's a high chance it's not noticeable to others, unless you are somehow so tall everyone is at crotch height to you. I get sweat smells down there during the first three days of my period, but it's only noticeable when I go to the loo, and shit smells like blood horrors anyway so I put up with it.

Otherwise I'd have a look at vagina safe hygiene wipes and see if occasionally cleaning up the area during the day helps. I use bicarb of soda for really bad armpit days but I imagine it fucks with your vulva and would cause irritation/infections if you tried that. Same for heavily perfumed things.

Anonymous 15292


This is normal, just not talked about a lot. The smell can range so much depending on so many factors. I smell different before my period starts too!
If you haven't been in a while then it's always a good idea to get a check-up done by your gynaecologist just to be on the safe side and talk about it with them. I'm sure they will reassure you that it's normal.

Anonymous 15295

No one told me being underweight would make my periods heavier. I would have taken care of my diet much more. I was so happy not having to drink painkillers or cry in the past.

Anonymous 15317

I get almost exactly this but at the end of my period. Not only am I constantly horny, but what I masturbate to during that time is entirely different. I tried talking to a friend about this once and she laughed at me for it.

Anonymous 15318

I'm the same. It's normal.

Anonymous 15611


it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts help help help help i hate periods so fucking much i wish i was dead i try to not take painkillers but i always end up taking them i hate it so much i hate periods why the fuck do i have to go through this i dont even get sex why so much pain

Anonymous 15621

i do for several months now, i also learn and read a lot about the menstrual cycle and hormones and how they influence your mood etc. all of this info was eye opening to me. i now understand that i don't randomly feed down sometimes but it is because of my hormones. same goes for being happy. i would think i had my randomly happy days but it's not that random, my happy moods are very much influenced by my hormones. it's so crazy that i've lived so long without knowing any of these things. i wish my mom or school learnt me this, bc omg i now can't image living without tracking and understanding my menstrual cycle.

also: for the ones who have terrible menstrual pain: that's not normal, even though society had normalized it that girls/women have (a lot of) pain during their period, it's not normal actually. the pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong, maybe it's your hormones, maybe it's stress, maybe you're eating something that effects the working of your hormones… or something else! the worst thing to do is take painkillers and ignore all these signals. the best thing to do is try to track your cycle, your mood, your pains etc and try to figure out what's wrong and what might help you. listen to you body, don't numb it when it screams for help (very dramatic i know, but it's true)

>The doctor I go to prescribed me painkillers
sorry to hear that! terrible doctor if you ask me

Anonymous 15624


I'm >>15611
My period is extremely painful. It's insanely painful and I sometimes cry, vomit or feel like I will pass out. I know it most probably isn't normal because I am so unfunctionnal I cannot walk, stand, or even speak sometimes because it's too painful for me. But everytime I bring it up to a doctor. Multiple doctors actually. All I get is painkillers. There has been nothing else given to me, not even advice. People do not care about your painful periods. People think your painful periods do not matter, or that you are exagerating your pain. Even women I know have told me that. Stuff like "Come on stop pretending, why skip class over something as small as a period?!". It's tiring and I clearly believe I cannot do anything about my painful periods. All I know is that I have shit period genetics I inherited from my mother who also had extremely insanely painful periods, difference is that her periods made her vomit almost every month while for me it happens occasionally. What works is painkillers, waiting and then eventually the pain goes away. I know it's just shrugging the issue under the rug and that it does not actually help. I am tired and sad because of it. I genuinely do not think I can get anything better. Each time I bring it up, nothing can be done other than prescribing me painkillers in hopes that I stop complaining.

Anonymous 15626

Have you asked for tranexamic acid? Or tried birth control? Don't know if it's helpful but I notice my period pains are worse if I eat a lot of sugar before it comes.

Anonymous 15632

I don't know what tranexamic acid was so I looked it up. I think it might help me. I'll try to ask my doctor about it, hopefully something comes out of it. Thank you for the suggestion anon!

Anonymous 15670

does anyone else sorta enjoy having their period? it makes me feel like im still alive and functioning properly.

Anonymous 15787

i've had hormonal troubles for my entire life and no doctor i've ever been to takes me seriously. my period is very irregular - some years i'll only have it 3x, some years it'll come every other month or so. i have severe hormonal acne that nothing topical touches. i get PMDD as well, but only sometimes. sometimes i PMS for 2-3 weeks at a time, and for several months last year i felt like i was pmsing at all times (like the physical & mental symptoms) with no period. i don't understand what's wrong with me, doctors just throw birth control at me & call it a day, but my mental health is seriously affected by my hormones and i can't tolerate any of them. i think they don't care because i'm not overweight, but my hormones have ruled my life basically since i was 16. i'm so tired of it.

Anonymous 15789

Have you tried seeing a female gynecologist anon? They might be more sympathetic.

Anonymous 15794


i guess but i wish this feeling didn't have to come with intense pain all the time. It's like, yeah cool, period-chan you made your point now GET OUT.

Anonymous 15797

Been having period for 8 days when i usually have it for 4. Might just be because i forgot to take one of my BC pills last week and my hormones are weird, but I have a dr's appt so we'll see.

Anonymous 15815

in case anyone needs a non-BC option, which is much better for long-term health, it is pretty easy to get a prescription for Ketorolac (Toradol). It is a stronger NSAID, you can't use it for too many days at a time but holy crap it works well on me.

Anonymous 15915


My periods are usually pretty light and don't last long but holy shit the mood swings are killing me. I fell asleep after getting home after work, woke up almost a hour later, with an intense urge to cry and a need for someone to comfort me. It sucks so much. I usually just feel very horny before my period starts, but right now I just feel extra lonely and sad than i usually do. I guess the fact that I need to go to work tomorrow and I only have 6 hours of sleep left doesn't really help. I don't know how to deal with this and I don't know if I need to - taking pills because of mood swings that only last few days every month seems unnecessary. Guess I'll just have to deal with this.

Anonymous 15928

first off, i'm not a moid i swear

but i kind of like period cramps if i have nothing to do that day. mine get so severe sometimes in knocks me unconscious. when the pain subsides i literally feel high. i think this is what sexual masochists talk about.

my periods have been getting more normal now that i'm older and there's a tiny part of me that's bummed out about it. maybe i'll go to the nsfw board next and discover masochism.

Anonymous 15936

You know…I kind of understand.
It may be the endorphins you get post-pain. That's pretty natural, sort of like a post-workout feeling.

Anonymous 15937


I hate my period and my period cramps because they are so painful i literally feel like passing out sometimes but i highly agree that once the cramps stop i literally start feeling high. Must be the excess endorphins that stay in your brain once the pain stops

Anonymous 15944

How often do y'all change your pads? I buy the huge overnight ones and I only change it once a night, after my nightly shower.

Anonymous 15950

At the begining of the period minimum 4 times a day (can go up to 5 if very very heavy flow) and around the end it slowly drops to 3 or 2 when it's basically just spotting. I hate pads. I'm thinking of buying reusable period underwear or something. So much wasted money.

Anonymous 15974

The older I get, the worse cramps get. Never had them as a young teen, but now getting them every month makes me want to die. To get through a work day especially, I need to use those salonpas heat patches.

Anonymous 15978

I always assumed the older you get the less painful they are. I have horrible cramps. But a lot of the time older women (40+) tell me to get over it or just accept the pain (or that I'm exaggerating it) and it makes me feel sad. I also had older women tell me "well you know you'll have to give birth as at some point so endure it" as if it's supposed to be supportive? I don't know. Maybe it's my personal circle that is like that with unsupportive women around periods. It always kind of breaks my heart because I assume women would have support for each other during periods instead of shaming each other for the pain. Thankfully I have some friends that understand.

Anonymous 16005

Ayrt. A lot of my pain is due to a fibroid that started small and "normal" a few years ago, but (tinfoil but my experience) after I got the pfizer covid vaccines last year, it grew large within the month after the second dose. During that time, I felt so sick and scared that I couldn't eat for a week. It's a lump now right under my belly button, and makes me bloated af and uncomfortable more often than not, but can't afford to use my health insurance to see a doctor. My family is also extremely repressed that my mom left anything and everything to school and leaving that American Girl book on my bed when I was like 12 for me to figure it all out. I'm so jealous of women who can freely talk about periods and their bodies in general with friends, because even typing this stuff out makes me nervous because I have never said words like these aloud. Women should be supportive with no matter pain or not, we are women, we bleed, and that alone sucks so much. Tearing each other down and saying "just endure it" is such bullshit.

Anonymous 16087

Today I passed a massive clot at work and it bled through my pants onto a chair and my male coworker saw. I haven't felt this upset over my period in years. I should've known it was going to be bad when it came so late. I fucking hate my body.

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