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makeup recs Anonymous 9890

Hii what are some of your favorite makeup products and makeup looks? im in love w look in the image ,, i want to try it so bad but idk what products are good ;-;

Anonymous 9891

What specific products are you wanting recommendations for? The it cosmetics celebration powder foundation always gives me a nice, smooth finish with only having to use a little bit of the product. The shade range isn't that great, but if you can match one to your skin tone I'd recommend giving it a try.

Anonymous 9892

mm im not a big fan of foundations or powders etc :( i dont see any difference in my skin when i used them before and it was just itchy ,, im fortunate enough to have good skin just dry but products im really look for are

anything eye related i wanna learn how to do eyeliner idk any good brands i was looking at like a pod liner i think if u have any recs for it lmk !! n eyeshadows r good idk abt eyebrows i like mines naturally but just a lil fill in would work idm im mainly looking for eyeliners and lashes i love lashes as well ,,

lip glosses i love pink glossy lips but like my lips r dark so i want something really pigmented

and blushes/highlighters i like them but again my skin tone is ugh

Anonymous 9896

When I wear eyeliner I always go for the wet n wild H2O proof liquid liner. My eyelids get super oily and that stuff never smudges off. I haven't tried many different eyeshadows, because like I said my eyelids are very oily and I can never get it to stick, but in my experience the too faced eyeshadows worked great as highlighters as well and stayed bright all day. I think if you want more dramatic lashes like in picrel, it would be worth it to try out a pack from amazon if you're comfortable buying from them. Usually the dramatic lashes I buy irl aren't as big as I want. And for lip gloss, I think you should try out a nyx butter gloss, they're super pigmented.

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