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Graphic Design Thread Anonymous 10508

Is there anyone here who is studying graphic design or otherwise has an interest in it? Post some of your stuff! Pic related is my own piece, I already got it printed as stickers and I can't wait to get fully set up to sell them.

Anonymous 10509

If Only.png

Here's another that I made in a very similar style. This one actually came first lol

Anonymous 10510

oooo looks cool. I thought the small one was for the front like pocket area and the back was the big one somehow.

Anonymous 10511

Haha thank you! I really made them to be sticker designs, but I also wanna see about putting them on shirts too; I think they would look really cool on a shirt.

Anonymous 10521

I'd buy this as a sticker

Anonymous 10587

Anonymous 12019


yeah i like to draw stuff i like art in general
here's a little drawing

Anonymous 12032

Really nice. It must be hard to draw with a pen.

Anonymous 12037

Thanks, yes it takes some getting used to but it has its perks, it forces you to try to find the right line right away

Anonymous 12106

very talented, very pretty

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