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fucking kikes.png

Anonymous 10852

Post pro Palestinian art.

Anonymous 10853

Does it have to be antisemitic?

Anonymous 10854


Palestinians are Semitic.

Anonymous 10895

It pisses me off to no end that semitism was pretty much hijacked by jews. But then again that's pretty much what they're best at

Anonymous 10896

I'm so tired of seeing Dogisaga's art and…she needs to learn how to do better shading/highlighting. And better color theory. Plz stop shading with black/unsaturated shades of the same hue for the love of god

Anonymous 10898

>I'm so tired of seeing dogisaga art
Yes, all that annoying dogisaga art we cant get away from that's all over facebook, twitter, tv, news, commercials, stickers, brochures and posters.

Anonymous 10899

Lmfaoooo anon, I meant that her art gets posted on here and lolcow quite often.

Anonymous 11612

>semitism was pretty much hijacked by jews
what does this even mean

Anonymous 11616

"Semitic" as a term originates in describing the language family of the Middle East. Predominately, this is Arabic, Amharic, Tigrinya or Hebrew, with a bunch of other languages also included but much smaller. However, in popular nomenclature "semitic" calls to mind "anti-semitism" which is exclusively used in reference to jews and no one else. Thus, in common English vernacular, while there are dozens of Semitic family groups (three larger than Hebrew) Hebrews have completely co-opted the concept of being "Semitic", which further reinforces that perception that Israel should continue to exist in it's current form.

Anonymous 11631



Anonymous 11639

killing palestinia…

Anonymous 11640


Anonymous 11641

That's cool and all, but what fucked up mind came up with these images?

Anonymous 11642

A schziophrenic Korean woman.

Anonymous 11643

OT, but this looks like ben shapiro and his sister.

Anonymous 11645

They're supposed to be.

Anonymous 11664

p v i.png

jewish lies

Anonymous 11666

I want Israel wiped into the sea as much as anyone but god these suck lol

Anonymous 11667

Hello Satan, nice trips! Can't agree more :3

Anonymous 11762


>babies die here

Anonymous 11764

what the fuck is this art? it's offensive to mar a good cause with the big nose caricatures wtf

is this just a right winger pretending to care about palestinians?

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