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Anonymous 13317

Why do you think about the Neofolk aesthetic?

Anonymous 13318

i don't trust any moid who's into neofolk but i'd like a gf like this (too bad they're all straight unless you could potentially meet a "cottagecore lesbian" (neofolk-adjacent but without the cringy tradwife larp) who listens to neofolk)

Anonymous 13319


I think some of the neofolk enjoyers are more into paganism than tradwife larp.

Anonymous 13320


What does any of these pictures have to do with folksiness? There isn't a single folkish thing to be found.

THIS is folk.

Anonymous 13321


I like Neofolk.
Just don't take it too seriously and be an actual Nazi, though.

Anonymous 13324

Some of these are just standard weeby stuff. I like Japan as much as any other weeb but don't like it in my folk/neofolky stuff.

Anonymous 13501

What, like the music?

Anonymous 13537

I likes to look at pics of those ladies because they kind of resemble me except I have a fatter belly and more face fat

Anonymous 13538

Honestly can't believe I'm not the only one who enjoys Rome's music. Have you listened to Parlez-Vous Hate?

Anonymous 13547


I actually love neofolk music but I don't tell people because of the connotations. I'm not even white so it'd be fucking weird if someone confronted me about liking music associated with hate movements. I listen to Death in June, Current 93, Rome, Of the Wand and the Moon, all that good stuff.

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