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Images you wish someone would explain Anonymous 13982

Anonymous 13984


Images that make you go "hmmm"

Anonymous 13985


Anonymous 13986

Why does the merman have a belt?

Anonymous 13987

to beat his wife and kids in the future

Anonymous 13990


Anonymous 14001

It's not that weird an image really. Could be at any aquarium that hosts events.

Anonymous 14007


Those are those Christmas ornaments they sell in St. Augustine, FL. There are literally hundreds of them and they are all mermaids doing weird shit. I think they became famous because they were gay and kinky before it became mainstream? Not sure though.

Wedding reception at an aquarium.

Anonymous 14008


Can an American please explain?

Anonymous 14009

my husbando on the right

Anonymous 14010

That's the pregnant wife and her husband is a trucker (in that he professionally drives semi trucks across America) and this is their maternity shoot photos. Also, that is a very, very nice truck. He either owns that truck, or more likely is the owner of a trucking company. In America, most truckers do not own their trucks but instead rent them per year or per job.

Anonymous 14011

Are the trucks that fucking huge? It looks like a photoshop lol

Anonymous 14012

>Are the trucks that fucking huge?
Yes, yes they are.
Double the intimidation factor when you're driving around them on the highways tbh.

Makes it even more unbelievable to see brainlets playing chicken with them, cutting in front of them in traffic etc.

Anonymous 14013

I still find it impossible to believe though. Like, how do they even get on it? How can they see the road from there? You sure it's not just a perspective trick? My mind is blown away.

Anonymous 14014


Anonymous 14015

But why? And why does the truck seem like its looking down at the pregnant woman? Can truck look up and down?

Anonymous 14017


Yes. That one seems a tad bigger than normal because most semis have a "snout" (see picture) but it's pretty standard.

The box part of the back is not part of the truck and can be easily removed with a crane. With these flat faced tucks, that means the engine is behind the driver's seat and so the front tilts down to give mechanics access to the engine. They can't drive while like this.

They have a little step that comes out when you open the door and you kinda take a little running hop if you're short. You can more easily see the road because you're much more elevated, like being able to see more stuff when you're on top of a ladder as opposed to on the ground.
I don't know if it's just me, but when you're in the passenger seat, the cabin is so large and high up compared to a normal car that it feels like half of the truck is off of the road even though checking your mirrors will show you that your tires are still in the lines.

Anonymous 14019

They are in fact that huge.

Anonymous 14020


Anonymous 14021

It's just zoomers memeing about Yandev. Surprised to see no cum chalice reference though.

Anonymous 14936

naruto running as …

Anonymous 14937

I’m guessing the US gov was training the military to guard Area 51 when there was going to be a “raid” a few years ago.

Anonymous 14941

Holy shit I never thought about that. Thanks anon now it's less funny and I also feel kinda bad

Anonymous 14943

Lol it’s okay, I’m sure the trainer thought it was funny too.

Anonymous 15001


Anonymous 15003


Anonymous 15009


Anonymous 15010

why did she leave her shoes on the steps of the truck? if they are hers.

Anonymous 15019

Apparently Americans really love their trucks.

I don't know what this is from, but I have a feeling that the dark-haired girl can see the corpse (?) but the other girl can't.s

Anonymous 15050

It's literally just a superstitious luck charm. Chubby mullet Jesus cradles your truck to keep you safe on the road. Not too different from wearing a cross necklace, just a little sillier looking.

Anonymous 15053

From a manga where the girl with black hair can see horrifying spirits. She has to pretend she can't see them and it's played for laughs and tension.

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