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Before and Afters Anonymous 1455

Weightloss, plastic surgery, skincare, OC, whatever. Just as long as it's a B&A. Share what you got! And don't forget to add a description or add some sort of info describing your pic. Pic related is a B&A of skin after taking beta carotene supplements. Excellent way to give your skin some pigment.

Anonymous 1456

Wow, this is really interesting. I legit thought it was photoshop lol

Anonymous 1457

OP is a Photoshop, but as a drinker of daily carrot and orange smoothies I can confirm this works all the same.

Anonymous 1743


Anonymous 1744


Anonymous 1755

stuff like this makes me feel hopeful that if i practice my makeup skills enough than maybe someday i too will be able to trick people into thinking i'm pretty

Anonymous 1787

whaaat on earth

Anonymous 1795

its sad that those little girls probably saw the artist change her skin 10 shades to be "beautiful"

Anonymous 1807

be quiet anon, india has had a pale skin culture for centuries relating to their caste system.

Anonymous 1809


Still doesn't make it ok? lmao

Anonymous 1810

it's part of their culture though, calm down, who are you to tell someone their culture isn't okay?

Anonymous 1811



>teaching girls that they have to be light skinned (especially on a country where the majority of people are dark skinned) to be pretty

>"who are you to tell someone their culture isn't okay?"

Skin color bias and sexism is not ok in any culture, dumb dumb, no matter how ancient they are. I smell tumblr.

Anonymous 1813

you sound more tumblr tbh, beauty standards exist like it or not, this one is not any worse than others.

Anonymous 1814

>says some tumblr shit
>skin color bias isnt okay in my culture!
>i smell tumblr

Jesus christ, how un-self aware can you be? People of asian cultures find light skin to be attractive, who cares? That shit's been around for centuries.

This 100%. Should we throw an sjw hissy fit and speak out for people with thin lips, giant noses, shitty facial structure, and beady eyes? So funny how people choose to focus on one thing and not the others. Total hypocrites.

Anonymous 1816



So you think it's ok to treat people worse or call them ugly cause they are dark skinned? Noted.
The make up could easily be done in a way that she was still beautiful but with her own skin tone, painting her up 10 shades lighter is just stupid.

You sound tumblr because you think foreign cultures are untouchable because they are foreign. I'll criticise middle east, eastern asians, hindi, american, european and my fucking own culture if they are shitty. Simple as that. But I guess not being racist now is tumblr

I don't want to derail anymore though so I'll stop posting. saged.

Anonymous 1817

no one said any of that, no one was dissing dark skin, dark skinned people can use light makeup if they want, only tumblrs feel like it's a bad thing and culture erasure or some shit.

Anonymous 1869

I agree anon. Personally, I am a huge proponent of the ancient Indian cultural practice of Sati.

Anonymous 1870


stop derailing you fucking retards.

anyway, here's a b&a of lindsay lohan. the after one may be a particularly bad cherry pick but she really fucked herself over in general.

Anonymous 1871


and mama june after her weight loss. her face is actually quite nice

Anonymous 1872



here's a SFW album full of porn star before and after makeup shots. ignore the weird comments though

Anonymous 1873


Anonymous 1874


Anonymous 1875


Anonymous 1876


last one

Anonymous 1878

This girl is so pretty with or without makeup. Do you know her name?

Anonymous 1879

shes back!.PNG

I know. I think its okay to whiten her skin, but I just felt sad that those little girls saw.
Yeah, that's exceptionally bad. I could post badly lit unposed candids of ANY supermodel. but Lindsay is really hot down to her bone structure, so she can get sun damage, stringy extensions and smudge her makeup to shit, but she'll never be unfixably /ugly/. She posted this yesterday

Anonymous 1880

according to imgur it's zarena summers

you know, looking at lindsays more recent pictures i feel like something's changed about her eyes but idk what exactly. her eyelids have gotten perfma puffier or something?

Anonymous 1883

>india has had a pale skin culture for centuries relating to their caste system
oh whoa, does it really? is it that whole deal where fair skinned people are looked at more favorably than darker skinned people? or is it like a religious thing?

Anonymous 1886

yeah, it's very interesting. i think there are some people who believe it's related directly to hinduism, but it's actually based in science. paler people were upperclass for most of history and carried genes that passed on the skintone, so they remained pale when they married. their caste system doesn't really exist today in the same way, but there are still a huge variety of skin tone variations in people. part of the big thing with being pale in the modern day is that people associate it with royalty.

Anonymous 1900

Wow that's depressing, the before is so much prettier.

Anonymous 2244

She looks literally the same

Anonymous 2771

These girls don't even need makeup imho. The other ones though, the transformation is pretty shocking.

Anonymous 2772

Not original makeuphater anon but little to nothing soft makeup > tons of makeup. Yes even if you have acne. No, you can't change my mind. You probably look fine without it, if not hardly the same.

Anonymous 3338

tf are you on about, paler skin was considered better over the entire world because it meant you didn't have to do manual labour out in the sun. it is associated with royalty but because royalty could stay in shade instead of working.

Anonymous 3366

>dark skinned people should be respected too
>you sound tumblr lol

Anonymous 3367

Why are you responding to a 5 month old post? Also no one was claiming that, they were claiming india's culture is wrong because apparently every culture who values light skin got it from white people.

Anonymous 3368

india's cultures are pretty bad though

Anonymous 5430

Beta carotene supplements are not that safe actually and she looks better before, the second picture is like a typical tanned girl, looks plain and unstylish, no contrast.

Anonymous 6483

she IS more beautiful because she has light skin. Her former skin was uneven, dark, and ugly

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