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Antinatalism Anonymous 15132

Post images related to antinatalism.

No depression memes or targeting random parents please.

Anonymous 15133


Anonymous 15134


Anonymous 15177


You know things are bad when you're not even given the "magic of birth" or "parenthood is a gift" propaganda. Just spawn children so we can support our the growing elderly and our bloated bureaucracy by slaving your life away at work.

Anonymous 15218


Weird stance to make
All the gain of function billionaires know there’s too many. And I hate to side with them on this issue (not to mention these Antinatalists)
We cannot support this exuberant lifestyle (not without fusion energy and some other Star Trek technology) so humanity, if it can survive the climate crisis and extinction event, is going to have to scale back. Breeding one or two kids is fine, but helping people raise their kids is just as good. The troubles coming are going to bring the population down, naturally. Don’t despair.

Anonymous 15219

As long as you live in a first world country you can have as many kids as you like. We all know which demographics is going to take a massive plummet.

Anonymous 15220

I don’t want to raise other people’s kids, I want to raise my own. I should be allowed children but useless eaters who contribute nothing shouldn’t have children

Anonymous 15225

Like your genes make any difference. Too many "normal" people have kids who turn out insane.

Anonymous 15226

>>15218 That is so simpleminded and idiotic. How sheltered and retarded are you? Have you not heard of Rome?

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