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Interior design/decor thread Anonymous 18052

Any miners have anything in their house they find interesting enough to share?

In picrel, I had the spotted cow for years, but I went to a furniture store today and saw the brown one and thought I might as well complete the duo.

Anonymous 18744

beautiful room anon

Anonymous 18746


I used to have paintings up but I felt like an evil aura was emanating from them. I tried to use various apotropaisms to dispel it but nothing was working. It affected me badly and I broke them all one night. I keep my walls empty now.

Anonymous 18747

I don’t like them cows. Look sinister.

Anonymous 18756


I would really like to have this baddie in my foyer op :))))

Anonymous 18757

Mostly to keep people I don't like from visiting me YOU KNOW

Anonymous 18758

If they can't handle koala paint-over Mario THEY CANT HANDLE ME

Anonymous 19043


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