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Wildlife pics Anonymous 3904

I wanted to make this thread with photos I take with my cellphone and DSLR when I hang out with local wildlife. These are nutria or coypu, large river rats that live in my town.

Pls no hate if you don't like rodents, I'll try not to post anything where their teeth or tails are too visible.

Please post your own wildlife photography if you've got some!

Anonymous 3905


Anonymous 3906


Anonymous 3907


Bonus ducklings conclude my first mini-dump

Anonymous 4171


These are beautiful an super cute pictures ano.

my favorite is >>3905

I think the tails and teeth are cute.
Can't understand people who would post here just to say "I hate rodents!"

I don't shoot photos of animals, since my cellphone camera is really bad.

Only met this nice guy. Picked him up from the sidewalk.
I hope you don't mind insects.
As i said picture is pretty bad

Anonymous 4173


That's really pretty, I thought the wings were transparent until I opened the image. What a find!

And thank you! Here is a snapshot of them snoozing, I had to zoom in because they were on the opposite side of the stream.

Anonymous 4195

Omg so cute _b2511…

Thank you ano.

The white snouts (is that the right word?) are so adorable.
Do you have more?

Anonymous 4210

What an amazing photo! I like the blurry water and the focus on the little nose.

Good job butterfly for looking like a leaf, 10/10 camouflage, wouldn't attack.

Anonymous 4216

>urge to pet rising

Anonymous 4226


Wow is this real? Gorgeous!

Anonymous 4227


>Do you have more?

I have so much more, I don't even know where to start. I have video clips too! I can convert them to .webm and post them in here <3

Thank you!

Anonymous 4231


soo cute!
Yes please, i would love to see more! If it is not too much of a hassle for you

A boss from a friend (he saw the photo, which i send to her) said it is a Mimas tiliae. He works with parasites and insects, so he knows his stuff.

Anonymous 4240

IMG_0458 copy.jpg

I'll start converting my clips soon, I'm just happy someone's interested in them! Have a snapshot of a cute family checking out my gear.

Anonymous 4241

NTA but they are cuteee

Anonymous 4250


Here are some friends clamoring for your attention!

Anonymous 4266


Oh god they are so adorable!
They are so tame. Do they have natural predators?
I want to cuddle them all.

Anonymous 4268


They do have predators, I have no idea why they're so friendly. As soon as I walk up to their little spot, they climb out of the water and come to say hi.

Their diet is rich in iron, which is why their teeth are so orange. They seem rather clean and spend a lot of time grooming themselves and each other. Thanks for letting me nerd out a little about my giant rodent obsession!

Anonymous 4269


And here's a very cleanly friend. Like ducks, they use their own oils for waterproofing.

Anonymous 4272

they're so friendly!

Anonymous 4274


You don't need to thank me, i love infos about animal. (Watch a lot of animal documentary, but many are not that good.)

I would love to hear more stuff about them.
I guess they can feel/see that you are a nice person.

i wish i could show you some animals too, but were i am, there are not many.
Just sometimes bees and that is not that exiting.

Anonymous 4282


A cute guy from Chichén Itzá

Anonymous 4287


He looks like he is smirking.

"Yeah I know I look good, you can take a photo."

Very adorable.

Anonymous 4302


Spent my lunch break with them today


Insects are cool too though!

Anonymous 4406

Was that a fucking dinosaur at 23 seconds?

Anonymous 4489


I don't want this thread to die.
So here is another bug buddy.
How have you been wildlife friend?
Are you alright?

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