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post your art Anonymous 5471

not sure where to post this but this seems like the proper board

post your art

Anonymous 5490


Anonymous 5505

You crayon-eating …

Contributin' !
(I've put 2017 because I couldn't seem to find the correct one)

Anonymous 5508

This is very good! You're skilled.

Anonymous 5509


Anonymous 5510

yukari and fmo.png

Anonymous 5514

Very colourful, I like it ! ( pls be nice to the doll though )

Anonymous 5550

I want more art communities, I hope this place gets it's own /ic someday.

Anonymous 5583


Anonymous 5585


maybe we can have an inktober thread on october 1st?

Anonymous 5637

kasane teto to.png

haven't made any proper art in a good while….. ou well

Anonymous 6223


With new crop hope you had a fun inktober

Anonymous 6227

There's a thread on media.

noir 6368

bodi gore.png

not tht great but

Anonymous 6374


Anonymous 6383

Art Hoe (textless)…

I suck at this and have no shame.

Anonymous 6384

You don't suck, the style is very cool although the way the sunglasses are positioned is impossible, it makes it look like the flowerpot is completely flat
she has no neck lmao please never forget the neck, somehow it's the most commonly forgotten bodypart in drawings

Anonymous 6397

This is kind of cool. Is there a story behind it?

Anonymous 6405


I saw a crudely drawn MSPaint picture on 4chan's /i/ called Jellyfish Invasion a few months ago. It looked a lot more ominous. I thought of drawing it. Mine looks more like Jellyfish moving for the seasons like birds than an invasion, I think.

Anonymous 6406


Anonymous 6410

Have you ever read War of the Worlds?

Anonymous 6423


Character I made up last year.

Anonymous 6424


Anonymous 6425

Don't know anyone by that name I'm afraid.

Anonymous 6426

Ingrid the Giraffe? Just google it if you don't know what I mean.

Anonymous 6427

Ahh… Nah. This is just a random giraffe character I thought up one day haha.

Anonymous 6429

Ah. It just reminded me of that show. I used to watch it growing up. Hated it, but the art was nice. Good drawing by the way. She's cute.

Anonymous 6434



Anonymous 6442


No, I haven't.

Anonymous 7221

these are just lovely.

Anonymous 7222


I'd like to kindly remind our art anons to be careful about what art of yours you post here. Reverse image search engines and tools can be used to find where else on the internet these images have appeared, often revealing artists' social media accounts and personal websites. If it would somehow endanger you or your career to be found posting on a female-only or male-exclusive imageboard, please keep that in mind!

Anonymous 7237

nta but I know what book this drawing is from and I still remember the story kek.

Anonymous 7238


I love Horrid Henry and Tony Ross's work!

Anonymous 7239

Same! I remember laughing my ass off bcos of his antics! Tony Ross's illustrations are just perfect for Horrid henry. Ok i'll shut up now cos' im derailing so much.

Anonymous 7464


Lakilulu at 2 am.

Anonymous 7478

This is cute.

Anonymous 7502


never gonna finish this but i still liked the general look of it.

Anonymous 7503

Even though it's not finished she still looks beautiful!

Anonymous 7504

thanks anon. i dont really share my art irl or online really, so that means a lot tbh. <3

Anonymous 7765


Something's wrong with me.

Anonymous 7771

so pretty

Anonymous 7772

Please continue.

Anonymous 8134

Might do Inktober once more, though once again I don't think I can go with the official list cos some of the things on it (like wisp or blade) were kind of hard to even pre-plan.

Anonymous 8135

Do goretober or monstertober

Anonymous 8136

Monstertober sounds like a good alternative.
Goretober (from what I've researched) would've suited me best 7 to 8 years ago.

Anonymous 8159

I suppose watching gorey horror movie character exploits is the same as actually drawing them doing said exploits Just as "MaKiNg tImE" is easier said than done, especially towards other people.

Anonymous 8181

reminds me of twilight princess

Anonymous 8182

moid get out

Anonymous 8183


thought id draw a stacy

Anonymous 8184

Girls can be gross perverts too

Anonymous 8197


Anonymous 8199

They can, but that's very clearly male fetish material.

Anonymous 8389

how do you come up with outfits? All I seem to draw is Lolita dresses.

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