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CalArts style Anonymous 5844

Does anybody else nurture an irrational hatred against this horrendous style? I can't look at it without cringeing.
also ugly art thread I guess

Anonymous 5845

the style that killed western animation tbh

Anonymous 5846

The cal arts meme was started by notorious pedophile and retarded asshole, scammer, and hack John K, who also happens to hate everything and everyone that is not him.

Rebeca sugar didn`t even go to cal arts, those 4 shows are as different as it get, this meme its fucking retarded

Anonymous 5847


it doesn't matter that this style is not exclusive to CalArts, the name isn't the issue. it's its horrible aesthetics and lack of individuality which invaded western animation like >>5844
said (with perhaps the exception of french animation). i'll include the bulky rounded tumblr style here too. what the heck happened to cartoon/comic artists?

Anonymous 5848


It's pretty rare in European animation in general. I think it's mostly a north american thing.

Anonymous 5860

I'll defend it's use in Gravity falls because it contrasts well with the detailed and unsettling monster designs. I also think gumball does enough to differentiate itself stylistically that it deserves a pass.

Anonymous 5876


I only dislike it in the sense of how samey it makes things look so it's automatically a -1 for me but I still enjoy some shows that use it. I do however hate this artstyle that I've been seeing around like in that ad for animation classes on youtube or the new Lucky Charms style, it looks even more boring and gross than cal-arts but I don't know if it has it's own name or falls under cal-arts.

Anonymous 5879


I'm bitter over the new carebears look. Would this be considered cal-arts-esque?

Anonymous 5881


The smile thing is happpening here.

Anonymous 7828

The litmus test is to ask if the phrase 'heckin cute and valid' applies to the art. If you feel that it does, then it is cal-arts-esque.
I think the new care bears style qualifies

Anonymous 7829

Lower Decks.png

Is Lower Decks CalArts? It's ugly and annoying, whatever it is.

Anonymous 7830

It doesn't have noodle arms, so I'd say no.

Anonymous 7833

Looks more like Ugly American adult-targeted cheaply-animated show style to me.

Anonymous 7892

Yes, even the logo is calarts

Anonymous 8826


I hate everything about this style. Also it should be worthy to note that the ThunderCats Roar reboot people were so adamantly against got cancelled after just one season lol. Just goes to show those TV executives that you cant expect your audience to like the same rehashed animation style.

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