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Boy crushes Anonymous 7016

Post your 3D husbandos

Anonymous 7021


It's embarassing, but fuck it.

Anonymous 7022

Same tho. Stab me daddy

Anonymous 7023

he actually has a nice face. Its a shame because if he took care of his acne and stubble he would look cute.

Anonymous 7024


Taehyung really set the bar high.
He is so handsome but he looks so mixed. I cant believe he is 100% korean because he looks like he has some spanish in him

Anonymous 7025


Anonymous 7026


he really did set the bar high

Anonymous 7030



Haha god, his face was so cute and as a bl├Ąck metal kid I did appreciate the church burnings back when I first learned about burzum, but I have never noped out of a crush as quickly as I did when I read he also got stabby… such a waste of a face and uh, musical talent

Anonymous 7031


The entire series is a trainwreck, yet I keep watching because of… him…

Someone close to JJ's personality would probably be pretty annoying irl, like half of his cool sarcastic one-liners would fall flat, probably he would be too critical/apathetic to try new interesting activities most of the time, and irl edgy bois aren't actually so emotionally sensitive or even barely competent. But if…

Anonymous 7038


Jungkook is husbando material

Anonymous 7039


Jungkook really out here looking like a snacc

Anonymous 7042


Oh looks like that maleposter sperg is gone. good

Anonymous 7043


I miss the phase where Lucky Blue Smith had Silver hair.
Honestly this hair made him look so magical and unique and it kind of was his signature look.

Anonymous 7044


Anonymous 7045


Anonymous 7047


Lucky Blue smith is so perfect. He is like a hot malfoy draco.
you the previous sperg from before huh? His jaw is too wide (from those over-developed masseters) and he has neanderthal brows but he is kinda cute the more you stare.

Anonymous 7048

tenor (17).gif

Anonymous 7062


Rihito Itagaki. I saw him in Kamen Rider and he stole my heart

Anonymous 7116


He was such a qt :(

Anonymous 7181



oh god yes

Anonymous 7182


Anonymous 7195


Anonymous 7199


could any kind anon explain to me the appeal of effeminate kpop/jpop idols? it's something i've never really gotten. not insulting your tastes btw, i just don't understand the appeal.

Anonymous 7200

Similarly, I think the men look fine (not that men in k-pop groups really have any choice in their appearance or clothes) but I don't understand the obsession and subculture around k-pop.

Anonymous 7207

Same, I also don't understand it. Idols are talented and handsome, but I don't understand the sex appeal. Idols seem too cute/too pure-looking to lewd, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 7214


for me it's not even the purity– they just look too feminine and delicate. I'm not trying to play to racist asian stereotypes, although arguably that could be part of it. like when i picture one of those kpop dudes naked, i imagine they're 10 pounds lighter than me, super skinny, pale as a sheet, undernourished, and i could probably knock them over with one of my hands. like where's the appeal in that? pic related, Link from BOTW, is about as feminine as i'll go in guys

Anonymous 7455

You're posting ugly tumblr fanart yet you can't grasp the notion that people are attracted to different things?

Anonymous 7845


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