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Vintage Polly Pocket Appreciation Anonymous 7065

I still have this one.

Anonymous 7066


I remember being jealous because my friend had this one. The light up moon and the castle are so pretty. I’m a little bit tempted to buy one from ebay.

Anonymous 7067


I think another friend has this one. The book design is really cute instead of the make-up compact look. I’m surprised they didn’t do more book ones.

Anonymous 7068


I have this one too. The kitties are a little bit fuzzy and super cute.

Anonymous 7069


So apparently they did have a book collection. I guess I just didn’t see many of them “in the wild”.

Anonymous 7070


Mermaid details.

Anonymous 7071


Castle inside.

Anonymous 7072

Oh wow, I totally forgot that I had one of these as a kid as a hand-me-down from an older cousin. Looking at these are bringing up some vague childhood memories!

Anonymous 7073

What was the theme of your one anon?

Anonymous 7074


This one is super cute from the outside.

Anonymous 7075


I remember having this headband for some reason though I never wore it. It wasn’t very comfortable and felt a bit silly to wear.

Anonymous 7076


This is super cute. I wonder what was behind the doors.

Anonymous 7077


Gif. I also have the one that the word “on” is on top of. It’s one of the later ones and always felt a bit weird and clunky. I don’t have the Pollys that came with it as I got it used but it seems that they were some weird human-cat hybrid Pollys for some reason.

Anonymous 7078


House close up and weird Pollys. Not so cute.

Anonymous 7079


Another one a friend had. I remember trying to peek inside the treasure chest. I’d love get this one too.

Anonymous 7080


I think a friend maybe had this one. I remember seeing the blue bottom part and being confused how you were supposed to play with it. I don’t think we ever did play with it. It’s cute though, I would buy it now for displaying.

Anonymous 7081

If you genuinely want to know, I can take a picture of this next time I'm at my parents' place. I know I own this one.

The blue is supposed to be water and crystals at the bottom. The little clear thing is a swan boat, and you can slide it around as if it's gliding on water. It was part of a collection all based around crystals, with them looking like perfume bottles, and you could wear the "stopper" as a necklace.

Anonymous 7082

No need to go to so much trouble anon, I thought maybe you might have remembered. And thanks for explaining the blue bit. I can see a little track where the boat went but what about the rest of the blue area? Just more water?

Anonymous 7084

I think it's meant to look like water with some raised parts to kind of be crystal-like platforms? It all being cast in the same blue plastic doesn't help differentiate it, but I think that's what I remember it being.

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