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Skärmavbild 2020-0…

A.I. Dungeon Anonymous 8058

post dumps of funny shit that happens


Anonymous 8074

I been playing those silly generated stories for 3 days in a row now. It's addictive. But I don't like how the AI tends to forget the name of my character and my description of the character every 15 paragraphs.

Anonymous 8083

Screenshot 2020-09…

Here's what I got. I'm sorry

Anonymous 8084

Screenshot 2020-09…

One more

Anonymous 8085


Anonymous 8086

I hate when the stupid AI forgets who my character was. I even enter the info in the "put here what you want the AI to remember" box but it never does.

Anonymous 8087

Anonymous 8088

Screenshot 2020-09…

Anonymous 8089

Screenshot 2020-09…

My character receives retribution for being a creep. Also his name wasn't even chad, it was like Borgzoid or smth

Anonymous 8090


AI kept mentioning some random gnomes from the world events, got tired of it and tried to break the 4th wall, didn't know the AI would do that too lol

Anonymous 8091

Thankfully you can go back with the undo arrow and then go into Story mode and write whatever the HECK you wanted, or edit what the bot is saying.
Often the bot screws up my stories with something ridiculous or sends me to sleep or kills me out of nowhere. It introduces guns when I'm in a fantasy setting or magic when I'm in a realistic setting.

Also use /remember and add in the notes of the world. Like to which character you been talking to or important information about the world, where is a place located, whats the climate, who is the ruler of that place, all the faction information etc.

Anonymous 8094


such a nice friend

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