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Anonymous 8837

So I'm not the only one into e-boys right?

Also, post them if I'm not alone

Anonymous 8838

No you are not the only one they are really attractive. I wish prettiness/cuteness as an aesthetic for men wasn't so shunned off by other moids. I always notice that it's always other moids disencouraging pretty looking boyos into not using what they got, so they never learn to play by their strengths. This is real toxic masculinity. We live in a society.

Anonymous 8839

I used to think they were attractive. But when I try to imagine how they'll adapt their "aesthetic" once they reach adulthood, the attraction fades away lol.

Anonymous 8840

Not really. Moids don't usually care what other men look like and may even find them cute. In reality women irl aren't attracted to the look especially given >>8839. E-boys are mostly followed by teenage girls. For men looking more manly is far better no matter how pretty you are. This is a minority opinion here but it is the truth irl. /fit/ body dysphoria and extreme, yucky muscles comes from overcompensating from real experience.

Anonymous 8841

We have toxic masculinity here in the western world thats why. Simple as. You just don't want to admit the truth.

Anonymous 8842

I don't think toxic masculinity is to blame for men caring or not caring about how other men look.

Anonymous 8843

You didnt got what I mean. But these people get called fags n such by other moids for doing their own beautiful looks to disencourage them from being beautiful. Many where right on track but got then shamed into not using their beauty. I have even seen this happen live. We live in a society that does have toxic masculinity 100%.

Anonymous 8844

Tfw I will never have an eboy bf

Anonymous 8847

>My experience defines the western world we live in.
Burst your bubble.

Anonymous 8874


Anonymous 8875


Anonymous 8893

this is very true, I’ve even seen normal looking dudes, who weren’t e boys at all, get ridiculed just because they had a skinny frame.

Anonymous 8894

I love them. I compliment them every time I see one with confidence issues, so I can do my part in boosting their confidence to tap out their potential. Little by little making the world more flavorful for those dumb moids that are taking "advice" from the wrong people aka other insecure bitter moids.

Anonymous 8907

I once had an English prof who carried on a dressier but clearly ex-edgy-pretty-boy look into his late 30's. They can remain cute if they maintain their health, make their wardrobes a bit more mature, and don't fall into drug abuse or whatever.

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