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Timothee Chalamet Thread 8845

Post pics

Anonymous 8860

Lol no response

Anonymous 8861

OP is asking for a very specific moid with a lame moustashe.

Anonymous 8862


His mustache is grotesque.. OP why would you choose that picture?

Anonymous 8863

Yeah guys with young prince boy aesthetics should emphasize they got lucky they rolled that beauty. They look MUUUUCH better without facial hair, maybe only the small goatee they can grow from time to time but only casually from time to time.

Anonymous 8864

Curvy jaw bone!?

Anonymous 8868


IDK what y'all are hating for. But I think that mustache looks seeeeeeeeexy. He can pull it off, you guys are just being haters :P

Anonymous 8895


Of course he can he is beautiful. But he looks better without the stache, he looks angelic.

You know who has a mustache the devil. It can make a face look douchy sometimes like associated with trashy disgusting street trash evil moids, at least I get that cultural impression. Especially on a young beautiful moid like he is trying to be cholo or some shit, like Justin Bieber once did lol that phase of his was so dumb.

Anonymous 9939

That's because the type of devil you posted is literally anti-spanish propaganda(or at least coded as Spanish), so of course it will look like people from that are of that area of europe/the mediterranean.

Anonymous 10040


Anonymous 10041

that's the only photo he looks good in

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